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    Does President Trump have a Time Machine?

    On Trump was intervened on, can't give more detail than that.
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    Schematics Hyper-Dimensional Resonator

    Got cha, thanks.
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    Covid 19 vaccine and if you've been a vampire, effects?

    Thanks was a genetic thing because of the rewrite. Appreciate the feedback. Happy thanks giving.
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    Schematics Hyper-Dimensional Resonator

    Got it, best description I've ever heard. Yeah, thought of it while I was eating, bilocation. Thank you. Wondering on the variants of the Bajac however.
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    Covid 19 vaccine and if you've been a vampire, effects?

    I, in order to travel might have to take the covid vaccine. Thinking of how I'm going to put this I'll just tell the truth. I'm related to a famous aliens that showed up in Europe a while back. Both her and I have a same common genetic root-line that goes back to a family in once, Atlantis, when...
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    Schematics Hyper-Dimensional Resonator

    Can you take it a step further and estimate just how this vibration affects the body. HDRs bio-locate in two directions, what causes that?
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    Sooner or later in order to allow space colonization, they will have to.
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    Schematics Hyper-Dimensional Resonator

    Interesting he would have named it a sonic resonator.
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    WT; Please let us know if you are on here

    I am here now, but I'm not naked. I've had a few bad days, but it seems I'm getting over them. I'm male, so sometimes I just wonder what the other guy's tally-whacker might look like. It's not like the old days when weaners could just about wave to each other. My dog's doing fine. The other day...
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    For those who have a HDR and are willing to use it, I have a series of tests for you

    Not allowed to do this. Can only express a might be suggestive answer. Otherwise you will have time cop visitors.
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    How does the virus manipulation work

    Hard to tell at this point. At least I know it was a project started about 2013, moved into three different countries like a shell game. At Wuhan's WIV level four containment facility, the new managers added a form of HIV and I don't think that it was bat HIV. They did this with...
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    Have any of you guys been to another dimension, or other odd place which didn't seem to belong in our world?

    I don't think bending over to pick up dropped soap in time travel jails is a big issue. They either send you back to where you came from or confiscate the item you stole. This claim also could be flypaper for a non-believer to see if there really are other dimensions? I think time cops carry a...
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    could someone give me schemes of the simplest time machine?

    What one has to understand here, is that if one is generating an isolated location range of frequencies, then that frequency of energy is assigned to that creating location and no-where else. So one must envision energy states, plus location housing those produced energy states. This is more or...
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    The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment

    The energy cloak around the Eldredge was reactive. So therefore did not depend upon mass as well as gravity. The entire materials that the ship was made of changed state, so a more traditional in-known-frequency state of being, in this case of special relativity within that energy envelope, had...
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    could someone give me schemes of the simplest time machine?

    Something I wanted to show you and let you know. Those crazy people that did the remake of H.G. Well's time machine must have really done their homework. They got the formula right on using a channeled energy photonic source, to strike and become homogenized through a set of rotating Fresnel...
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    could someone give me schemes of the simplest time machine?

    I have a sister that time traveled with a well known personality. I will leave the name out and just explain to you how she took me along too. We lived apart and in her vehicle, she looked this guy up from another country. They were just being jerks and shooting their mouths off about this. But...
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    could someone give me schemes of the simplest time machine?

    How this time travel use got his HDR to work, is that he mounted the Tesla Coil on the hood of his car, then put it into operation. He secondly got his HDR to work from inside of the car. What I think we're looking at is a unity blended field, with regards to operation as during the operation...
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    What is God?

    Do you want fries with that?
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    Knocked over stone makes tenant request Druids

    Parts of the Ireland must be wild beyond imagination to visit..."Who ya' gonna call? The Druids Video: Irish Farmer 'Cursed' by Toppled Standing Stone Enlists Druids for Help | Coast to Coast AM
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    What is God?

    Great reply, uplifting.