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  1. Krish

    Where are the latest UFOs?

    Where are the latest UFOs? I saw an UFO for the first time. It took me three weeks when information came to me that they are very high end ETs just visiting and then gone. The UFO had a weird formation like a flower petals. That was definitely weird.
  2. Krish


    Real or Fake story? When you put an Alien that looks different than our past civilization, who are now does not look good... HISTORIC NEWS? 'US government planning to reveal aliens exist before Obama leaves office'
  3. Krish

    Serious connection with UFO Civilization

    We can not connect to any major UFO civilization at this time due to Prime Directive (Star Trek version). But there is one you is a post I made in another OP....please read and let us talk about it and the UFO communities activities. --------------------- I have another item, that...
  4. Krish

    FUTURE: One Million Years

    FUTURE: One Million Years With the way, our science and technology is changing, knowing all the good things happen, what would be our society be - in about a million years to the future? Knowing what you are doing and exposed to...the exponential development would be what? Thank you. (I...
  5. Krish

    BBC on Aliens

    I just saw may enjoy it...
  6. Krish

    Giant UFO

    Looks like a Giant UFO with many other smaller ones....sounds like Close encounters of the third kind...may be... Bizarre Cloud Sends Off UFOs and Orbs | <b><i><a href="">Educating Humanity</a></i></b>
  7. Krish


    The UFO Business is Multibillion dollars. I got into a few radio personalities (listening this type of items) and listening to males and females. So, I found a few and sent out to communicate with them. And they agreed. Then I sent them my dream on reincarnation and asked them for...
  8. Krish


    MY PREDICTIONS While predictions are something that you may not be able to change it, knowing about it could help you reduce the effect (or use it) for your family and friends. In some predictions you can even help reduce it. So, here it goes. 1. BAD GOVERNANCE: Seven years ago I worked with...
  9. Krish

    Any one follows Paul Hellyer

    Thank you
  10. Krish

    Obama in Antarctica

    Some say UFO contact???
  11. Krish

    Thermohaline circulation

    Thermohaline circulation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Interesting part is that when Pole ice melts....we could have serious issues which will cause the plank·ton to die out causing life form issues and lack of OXYGEN Then what happens here? Generate Oxygen at home?...and carry one like...
  12. Krish

    Sirius Disclosure

    I wonder... Perhaps...Dr. Greer needs to help to SERIOUSLY improve Planet-wide Spiritual Awareness for our high powered UFOs would not connect to us directly without it. That would be our salvation from Climate Change, Issues from Globalization, Healthcare and Religion. Thank you. Sirius...
  13. Krish

    Time Travel Ideas

    Interesting... Scientist Say Time Travel and Cloak Of Invisibility Are In Our Future | <b><i><a href="">Educating Humanity</a></i></b>
  14. Krish

    Ancient Aliens S11E01

    Any one watched it and talk about the last parts...Thank you. I think, I posted somewhere else...but did not get any feedback....
  15. Krish

    Twelve World Pyramids

    Some one please check out the book and let us know what is is an excerpt: “…The first, he said, is located under the ice in Antarctica. The others are in Tibet, Lumeria (a legendary lost continent in the Pacific region), Atlantis, Mexico, Peru, Europe, Australia, Canada,Middle...
  16. Krish

    We are not who we are?

    Some say we are part Alien....see here... Author Claims Aliens Have Created Hybrids to Help Humans Evolve Into "Higher Beings" | <b><i><a href="">Educating Humanity</a></i></b> BUT I DO NOT THINK SO. It is a false area to go in to. We are doing...
  17. Krish

    The BORG

    Here it is...and may be the Late Gene knew this all along... NASA Photos Indicate They Are Hiding Something - UFO Cover Up? | <b><i><a href="">Educating Humanity</a></i></b> If it is close to the Sun...think the size...unless it is slightly...
  18. Krish

    World Economy

    Did not know where to put here it is. If you can move it to a better place...go for it... I read the following items at (by HDRKID...and I like it) Hence some more items here...) Tips and tricks for successfully predicting the future Saw a topic at project-syndicate and a comment...
  19. Krish

    MAP of the real past

    Any comment? Thanks... 500 Year Old Map Shatters Our History Of Planet Earth - Is Anyone Paying Attention? | <b><i><a href="">Educating Humanity</a></i></b>
  20. Krish


    Is sphinx during Atlantis or later?...What do you think? Secrets Of Ancient Sites Revealed Using Space Satellite Archeology | <b><i><a href="">Educating Humanity</a></i></b>