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  1. Physics vs Jaden

    Will America have a dictator?

    If you've been following the news lately, the election is still a hot topic. With all of the allegations of voter fraud and what not. All this does is show how divided our country is, and I'm not talking about the whole "Divided America" show you might see on television, I'm talking about a...
  2. Physics vs Jaden

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    So today marks my 3 year anniversary of being on Paranormalis, it's been an honor!! And as always I bought a cupcake
  3. Physics vs Jaden

    Happy Birthday to me!

    Just wanted to wish myself a happy birthday. I'm officially 33 now, I was born on July 15, 1985 at 8:16 a.m. Happy birthday me(y):giggle::coffee::cool:
  4. Physics vs Jaden

    UFO Sighting?

    Last night when I was setting up my new telescope, I noticed a rather strange thing. A "star" which was slightly brighter than the ones surrounding it was moving. It just moved through the sky for a while until it eventually just disappeared, not because it got out of sight, it just disappeared...
  5. Physics vs Jaden

    Putting things off

    Yea so remember that CPTDFGJUSNGH post. Well, I said I would explain everything if you asked, and kind of just, left. Now, I have absolutely no reason for doing this, I can't even say I forgot, because there were several times when I thought to myself "I should go on Paranormalis... But then...
  6. Physics vs Jaden


    I'f you're wondering what the hell the title means, I'll tell you now. "Cured of Cancer but god it took you guys a while to read my signature and it was only after I told you to on my profile post". Anyways, this wasn't a miracle that happened overnight. I've been cured for quite a while now...
  7. Physics vs Jaden

    How the World will End

    Or at the very least at least 51% of the population being wiped out My 3 scenarios in order from most likely to least 1. Huge meteor impact straight into Asia 2. Super-volcano Eruption 3. Gamma Ray Burst
  8. Physics vs Jaden

    Where are the best places to go to see the stars?

    As most of you know, I have an interest in astronomy (which is weird considering I pursued physics in college), and I was wondering if any of you know a good place that I could go to this summer to maybe see some of the things in the sky like Andromeda and the planets. Any suggestions work for me.
  9. Physics vs Jaden

    My Fantasies

    Over my 2.5 years on Paranormalis, I think we can say I've had my fair share of "truthes", so, let's take a look at all the things I've done that were COMPLETELY fake 1. Of course, we can't forget about the very first thing I did on this site. Claim I was a time traveler. You can see my thread...
  10. Physics vs Jaden

    Never forget how you started

    Back in October of 2015, I claimed to be a TT from 2040, and it's the reason I'm writing this. It's been over 2 years now, and I still go back to the page and look at it, just to bring me back to the good ol' days. You know reading it, I have to say, I was pretty good with my answers, and they...
  11. Physics vs Jaden

    Should we respond to aliens

    If us humans one day pick up a confirmed signal from intelligent life, that are like us, and don't know if there is other life, and the message isn't directed to us, rather anyone who may be able to listen, should we respond? Are we ready to make that step forward?
  12. Physics vs Jaden

    My 2 Year Anniversary

    So, today is my two year anniversary, and if you were to go to my profile you'd see "My 2 year anniversary on Paranormalis is coming up. I'm gonna by some cupcakes" "I'm not even joking I'll take a picture of them" Aug 21, 2017 I wasn't joking, Happy 2 year anniversary me
  13. Physics vs Jaden

    Was I actually a TT?

    Anyone remember my jaden and 2040? That was my original account, and I claimed to be a TT? Obviously, i wasn't... OR WAS I? Nobody should know too much about a future event. I don't want to say when the natural disasters are but I'll fill you in. 2 category 5 devastating hurricanes..." Physics...
  14. Physics vs Jaden

    Going to another star

    For those of you who don't know, even though I'm technically not an astronomer, I was thinking of majoring in it (I obviously didn't), and to be honest, it was my favorite subject in school. No joke, I think I did more research on it them my teacher. Anyways, so, recently, I heard of a mission...
  15. Physics vs Jaden

    Is NASA creating devastating hurricanes?

    With Hurricane Irma barreling towards Florida. And seeing all the politicians and just normal people linking the hurricanes to climate change, it made me wonder, is NASA creating these devastating hurricanes? So, as we all know by this point, NASA is a firm believer in Global Warming. And, as we...
  16. Physics vs Jaden

    Renewable agriculture

    Let me start this off by saying right now I'm way too lazy to do research on this topic (I mean can you blame me it's only Thursday and late at night), and am extremely uneducated on this topic, so this might have already been figured out, however I really don't have any idea (Don't worry people...
  17. Physics vs Jaden

    The truth about climate change

    Found these videos online Pretty interesting
  18. Physics vs Jaden

    Just... stop... you lost...

    Tucker Carlson Destroys Angry Liberal Who Compares Trump To Hitler In 1938 Hitler was named Man of the Year... Trump was named Man of the year in 2016 Oh, and don't forget 1963 - Martin Luther King Jr. 1930 - Mahatma Gandhi 1961 - John F Kennedy 1962 Pope John XXIII 1968 - The Apollo 8...
  19. Physics vs Jaden

    Debate Why we should never time travel

    Well, as much as I would hate to say this, it's true... Humans should never, and probably will never time travel. Even if it's for good intentions, it could be horribly bad. Let's look at Hitler for example: Now, as much as Hitler was a HORRIBLE person and all the things he did... there were...