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  1. gdustin87

    Steven Gibbs Interview from Coast to Coast

    I found this interview with Steven from 1997 on Youtube the other day, looks like it was just posted recently. I had searched for it before but could never find it, so here it is if anyone has not listened to it yet:
  2. gdustin87

    Symbols on the Beach

    In March of 2016 I was walking on the beach with my wife when we found these odd markings made with glass, sticks, and beach rocks. I took some photos and did not think about them again until I found them in my files today. I thought maybe some kids were just joking around at the time, yet I am...
  3. gdustin87


    My name is Dustin. I have been interested in fringe topics most of my life, especially time travel. Glad I have found this place as it has opened up my research greatly!