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    Re: Im the real deal

    This is entertaining
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    Is there any current confirmed TIME TRAVELERS ON HERE NOW???

    Loved reading this thread, wish anyone could have tracked the observers ip since they disappeared. Still a great read, thanks
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    UPDATE: Here's what happened to Mad Man Marcum and his Time Machine (Art Bell 1995)

    Just spent an hour reading all of this. Fascinating stuff yet again. This forum never ceases to amaze me.
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    Hello 2013 (Time Traveler from 2043)

    you are correct i just wrote it wrong lol. Thanks for the song too!!
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    Hello 2013 (Time Traveler from 2043)

    Im just a mailman so we are already a wacky sort. Years ago we all had a conversation about traveling to the future and even the most skeptical people felt it was possible if you could go fast enough. One of the most conservative guys i never thought would be on my side said how he read a story...
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    Hello 2013 (Time Traveler from 2043)

    I had just played Quantum Break on xbox one and it involved time travel so After i beat it i was still fascinated with the idea and i googled time travel and came upon this forum. I clicked on this thread and i just couldnt stop reading it i guess because it was almost 3 years old and wasn't...
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    Hello 2013 (Time Traveler from 2043)

    I read all the pages of this a couple weeks ago and was just so fascinated by this i had to join the group