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  1. Bullethead21

    Did Science Find God?

    Have you guys seen or heard about this?? Some amazing claims are made!
  2. Bullethead21

    Conscious And Time

    Not sure if this is in the correct forum...... A Concious Cosmos by Peter Russell is something I think that anyone who plans to time travel should know about the environment, meaning simply the "cosmos" it is called. Our "reality" is so not what we "think" it is at all.......some...
  3. Bullethead21

    Invisible Vortex Filmed In Full Spectrum

    This video captures a vortex opening near the moon..... I had posted a while back on how natural occurring vortex and portals happen where the sun and earth magnetic fields meet out in space. NASA now even has a way to locate and predict the occurrences..... It is this type evidence and...
  4. Bullethead21

    Magnetic Vortex Wormhole Generator

    Patent US20030197093 - Magnetic vortex wormhole generator Why has not everyone who owns a HDR trying to build one of these? It seems like a must have for the HDR to allow for physical time travel?? Unless you have a natural vortex in your backyard of course.......but according to NASA...