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    Grebennikov's Flying Platform - Bio-Gravitics

    I found this thread while searching some of opmmur's old posts. Does anyone have other information that's not in this thread and could you please post it.
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    Scarecrow: Thank You for sharing your wonderful story, I've also experienced something very similar to an out of body experience. It was a warm summer late afternoon day and I had just set down in a lawn chair on my porch. A few seconds later, I flew out of my body straight up in the air...
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    The Chronocraft time machine

    I always thought that the Chronocraft Time Machine was electronics device and not a radionic machine. I could be wrong, but many years ago, I read an article talking about the Chronocraft Time Machine in which somebody used a CB transceiver and increase the output on it.
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    RIP Preston Nichols

    RIP Preston Nichols Filed under: preston nichols, The Montauk Project — 12 Comments October 6, 2018 Yesterday, Preston Nichols passed on. Peter Moon posted this on Facebook: “I just received news from Preston’s friend, Clark, that Preston Nichols passed away this morning at 4am (today) October...
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    The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment

    I am a fan of Opmmur's posts and the philadelphia experiment information. ( check out this link ) The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment