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    My possible Atlantean Dream of the past

    Had an extremely vivid dream the other night ( i have these from the future and distant past on rare occasion) where I was in a flying machine with clear glass windows on both sides ...accompanied by my dog, top and bottom clear glass or a similarly material but probably more durable ...where i...
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    Time travelers...WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN SEPTEMBER 20th AT AREA 51?

    For any of you time travelers...just curious as to what you think or know will happen on september 20th at area 51? Supposedly 2 million people or more are planning on going...according to facebook anyway shrugs.
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    dreaming of future mars-Circa 2100

    Hey guys! I'm new to the board and at the moment have slight psychic powers. Most recently I predicted the mass shooting where 50 people were killed in Orlando, Florida. My first sign was from that evening where my receipt at Barnes and nobles read 6.66. Later that night I dreampt I was in a...