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  1. The_Ruffneck

    President of Thylacine group claims to have rediscovered Tasmanian Tiger

    Last officially seen 1936 (Benjamin at Hobart Zoo), now the president of the Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia claims to have found one (Actually three) on trail cam in North-East Tasmania. Expect him to post the photographs by early next week. I won't be making further comment on it until...
  2. The_Ruffneck

    Paranormalis ends in a year?

    Ok. What are your other future events predictions? Nothing too vague please.
  3. The_Ruffneck

    Titors prediction of Mad Cow Disease epidemic (Prion diseases)

    It had been brushed off because frankly an epidemic didn't happen, only the odd UK case of vCJD. Yesterday though i was listening to a new Jeff Rense interview on the new mRNA COVID vaccine and the guest mentioned that the vaccines contain RNA binding proteins that can create prion disease...
  4. The_Ruffneck

    COVID-19 could be a bioweapon?

    Pretty incredible that they were able to create multiple vaccines within 6-9 months with 90%+ protection rate supposedly when they were never able to make vaccines for SARS-1 or MERS.We had a flu vaccine recently that was listed as 50% effective, in comparison.Either they had the vaccine all...
  5. The_Ruffneck

    2021 Predictions

    Nice, I'm also in WA too.Getting pretty bad with the lockdown, masks, vaccine pushing etc.Same everywhere though i guess. Seems like 2021 is the year we decide whether we want to live in the NWO or to topple it? I don't know but clearly things are moving faster, the agenda is accelerated.More...
  6. The_Ruffneck

    Have You Ever Spoken To A Time Traveler?

    Yup, i find it hard to believe Rumsfeld is a 'good guy'. Been a few years since i looked into his story but he also claimed he was part of the 'Mars Jump Room' program with a young Barack Obama.Some equipment that teleported you to a human base on mars.Weird story alright.
  7. The_Ruffneck

    Have You Ever Spoken To A Time Traveler?

    I briefly spoke to Andrew Basiago while at the 9/11 10th anniversary in NYC. He was handing out pamphets for his democrat NY state senate run. Basiago claims he travelled through time via the US Governments project pegasus and there is a photo of him online supposedly at the Gettysberg address...
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    Learning new things is one thing, learning an entire language to the level you are using in 2 1/2 months is another. Without knowing what the potion was I'd say that i have tried ayahuasca 5-6 times and it was a purely mental journey for me.For a medicine to take you physically through time...
  9. The_Ruffneck

    USA Presidential election results 2020

    Trump was controlled opposition and by failing to denounce the Q psyop he was part of that game as well.The stage is now set for four years of false flags and mini attacks blamed on right wing Trump supporters as an excuse to take more rights away. Good luck with China Joe and the Heels-Up Hoe.
  10. The_Ruffneck

    On Eve of Inauguration America Braces for False Flags and More of the Same

    Still 8 hours until inauguration as I type this and some odd possibly predictive programming has been popping up. TCM (Turner classic movies) schedule for Inauguration day 20th January has 7 movies with 'Joe' in the title followed by three movies with 'Murder' in the title...
  11. The_Ruffneck

    Am I a time traveller from 2120?

    No, scratch cards from the future wouldn't be worth anything here.They all have a specific ID code that needs scanning at the checkout in order to get the prize. This was a low energy time travel claim.
  12. The_Ruffneck

    Am I a time traveller from 2120?

    In what thread did you find it? It looks very crude.
  13. The_Ruffneck

    Social credit coming to a town near you!

    We're screwed dude, sad to say LOL IMF suggests that your credit score could be based on your internet history (
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    Was it possibly from memory? Most people have heard the bible phrase about the mark of the beast, 666 and not being able to buy anything without that mark. Microsoft actually licensed patent 060606 in 2019 which is cryptocurrency payments using body activity data WO2020060606 CRYPTOCURRENCY...
  15. The_Ruffneck

    Does President Trump have a Time Machine?

    Unless the goal was to reveal how crooked and corrupt the system actually is? You know they've got Pelosis laptop now right? They took it during the capitol siege. Pelosis twitter, video - 1:03, see her admit it herself Lets just wait until the 20th and see what happens.
  16. The_Ruffneck

    Debate will corona virus overwhelm the planet?

    UK Govt apparently considering allowing UK citizens outside only one day per week.
  17. The_Ruffneck

    Debate will corona virus overwhelm the planet?

    Too many doomers here, I'm predicting 2021 is the year the covid exaggeration is exposed and people rise up and just say no more.If they lock everything down throught 2021 like they did 20' then the world as we knew it is over and we will be completely reliant on govt handouts to survive since...
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    USA Presidential election results 2020

    Trump twitter just got removed
  19. The_Ruffneck

    USA Presidential election results 2020

    Leave it open until the 20th, see if anything ever becomes of Trump Executive order 13848 on Foreign interference in US elections. Now that the DNI Ratcliffe report has been delivered yesterday he can technically activate the order. Additionally information is starting to come out about...
  20. The_Ruffneck

    Welcome All, from 2026

    I had posted a few times this thread 15 years ago, was shocked to find zeshua posted here as recently as 9 months ago. My opinion zeshua was/is a gifted remote viewer/astrologist who borrowed quite heavily from the Titor narrative but i haven't re-read the whole thread in a long time. That...