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  1. Num7

    Bitcoin Value At All Time High Again

    Bitcoin value reached 50K$ last night from what I can see. I wish I bought a few when they were around 100$. Do you have Bitcoin? Do you plan to buy in the future?
  2. Num7

    Blog Reading Books | So Many Things, So Little Time

    I don't read books that often and I'm ashamed to admit it. I simply don't take the time. When I think about it, reading a book almost sounds like a chore. Sitting there reading for hours. But... it's the same as playing a video game or watching TV, only less interactive. I've read hundreds of...
  3. Num7

    Need Soldering Advice

    Hey guys, I know some of you have much more experience than I do in soldering electronics, so I'd like to have an advice. I'm repairing an alarm clocked that stopped working a few years ago. I changed a few capacitors and it now works. But the wires and contacts connecting the tiny speaker...
  4. Num7

    Coming Of Age And The Pursuit Of Happiness

    A few days ago, my GF and I were spending time at home with our nieces, and it reminded me of how I felt back in the day when I was their age. They're 4 and 6. I surprised myself at some point completely lost in my thoughts silently staring at the wall. I'd like to share what I was pondering...
  5. Num7

    Blog Oh, A Blog Section!!!

    Welcome to the blog section! Here, you can have your own personal blog and share about yourself. It doesn't have to be about paranormal stuff. It's a place to share with friends. :geek: In the past 15 years, I've had several personal blogs. On WordPress, Blogger, and a few others I can't...
  6. Num7

    Oklahoma Lawmaker Files Bill to Establish Bigfoot Hunting Season

    Have you heard of this? A member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives has filed a bill that calls for the establishment of a Bigfoot hunting season in the state. The audacious idea is...
  7. Num7

    Upgraded the forum to XenForo 2.2.2

    Hey guys and girls! Haven't posted an update like this in ages now that I think about it. Frankly, I often miss spending more time on the forum. I'll try to be more active in 2021, I promise! :alien: I upgraded the forum to the latest stable version of XenForo. It looks and feels pretty...
  8. Num7

    Headspace Meditation on Netflix

    Did you have a chance to watch this on Netflix? It's a great guide and intro to meditation and it's super easy to get a hang of it. I have a super hard time meditating and I'm able to thanks to these videos. Anyone can do it, it makes you feel so much better...
  9. Num7

    Had Emergency Surgery 2 Weeks Ago

    Hey there, Haven't been around much in the last 2 weeks. Thought I'd share what happened to me. I had intense belly pain on Sept 17th, so much I had to go to the ER. It was my appendix. Before going to surgery though, I had to pass a COVID-19 test and wait for the result. Passed the test...
  10. Num7

    Media Crop Circle Created Around Tree

    One of the more unique crop circles to appear in quite some time was recently spotted in England and features a tree at the center of the design. The fantastic formation was reportedly found this past Monday in a field near the community of Devizes. Although not particularly intricate, the...
  11. Num7

    Media UFO Spotted in Background of NBC Nightly News Segment

    An attentive viewer watching NBC Nightly News earlier this week spotted a curious cylindrical object zipping across the sky in the background of a segment. The intriguing moment reportedly occurred during Monday night's broadcast as the program was detailing how the Navajo Nation has been...
  12. Num7

    Loch Ness Monster sighting as ‘baffled’ fireman spots 12ft ‘hump’ in the water near kayakers

    Forestry worker Ross MacAulay has lived all his life around Loch Ness and did not believe in Nessie. But he - and his fellow firefighters - are "baffled" by the 12ft long creature that Ross filmed on his mobile phone. It is also the first accepted sighting of Nessie by a witness at the loch...
  13. Num7

    Media Video: Trump Talks UFOs with Lou Dobbs

    The UFO phenomenon once again popped up on President Trump's proverbial radar when he was asked about the subject during a conversation with television commentator Lou Dobbs. The surprising exchange came at the end of a lengthy interview which aired on Tuesday evening's edition of Dobbs' Fox...
  14. Num7

    Unidentified 15-foot creature washes up on UK beach

    Found this on Reddit this morning.
  15. Num7

    New Chat Room

    Hi everyone, We have a new chat room! You can reach it by clicking the Chat link in the main navigation header, under the logo. Or you can click here: It's super simple and only registered members of the site can reach it. No trolls, no non-sense! ;)...
  16. Num7

    Deep State's Agenda for Mankind / 9:11

    Something pretty freaky happened to me this morning. I was on my phone reading a list of things the elites and shadow governments are doing to fulfill their NWO project, thanks to the COVID19 pandemic, in order to put us, the people, to our knees. The objective being a dystopian world where...
  17. Num7

    Do you have a power generator?

    I'm curious as to how many of our members have a power generator at home. I was thinking of buying one a few weeks back, but figured it wasn't necessary for now.