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    Goodbye everyone and can the administration lock my account.
  2. F Stein

    Cronavirus Anal Swabs Coming To A Carpark Near You

    I've just seen the below video, in regards to coronavirus anal swab tests in China which some so-called experts in the west allegedly want introduced here because it's apparently so accurate. Apparently they want this type of swabbing done in car parks by volunteers, sticking something the size...
  3. F Stein

    A Possible addition section

    I thought a good additional section on this forum would be on book reviews, in regards to the paranormal time travels etc.
  4. F Stein

    Boost your testosterone naturally by staring at...

    Boffins at Loughborough university have discovered that if you stare at the picture below for about 15-minutes it will boost your testosterone levels by a whopping 50%.
  5. F Stein

    What The Hell Is A Bifilar Coil pt3

    I've read alot about Bifilar Coils but nothing seems to explain their purpose? I know there's several different types, the one most commonly talked about on time travelling sites and websites is the one where the magnetic field is cancelled so preventing self-inductance. But what was the purpose...
  6. F Stein

    Is Bill Gates a real life Ernst Stavro Blofeld.?

    Bill Gates name seems to crop up every time there's a conspiracy theory concerning world domination. But is he a real life baddie like James Bond archenemy Ernst Stavro Blofeld or more of a unpopular geeky type who is to the Bilderberg Group that Prince Andrew is to the Royals a supercilious...
  7. F Stein

    Coronavirus enforcement bullies

    I've noticed in the UK even though we've got better treatments and are now undergoing mass vaccination. We are nevertheless being subjected to greater enforcement, by so-called enforcement marshalls. I went in to a local supermarket this afternoon to pick up some shopping wearing a mask. I took...
  8. F Stein

    What The Hell Is A Caduceus Coil pt2

    What the hell is a caduceus coil and what's its purpose :unsure: It's mentioned in a few well more than a few of the alleged time travelling device schematics. But very little is mentions about how it's made or what it's function is in these circuits.
  9. F Stein

    What The Hell are Scalar Waves pt1

    Can somebody on this forum in layman terms explain to me what scalar waves a.k.a electromagnetic longitude waves are? Also the acoustic version of scalar waves are they what powers noise cancelling headphones?
  10. F Stein

    Know of any novel treatment for depression?

    Hi I suffer from recurring bouts of depression, it's been pretty bad this year because of the covid crisis and lost of friends. Not being able to tread the boards or be able to work fully also hasn't helped. I've tried numerous things over the years and all you get off the doctors is sertraline...
  11. F Stein

    Suspended Animation

    I've always thought of suspended animation as a form of time travel. As an avid science fiction reader I know at lot of stories especially those that involve crossing the vast distances of a space, will utilise the concept of suspended animation. But the big question is how could it be achieved...
  12. F Stein

    Social credit coming to a town near you!

    I saw this video by Vernon Coleman a former GP now demonized for his critiques of the medical profession, social and political changes. I came across this video of his about social credit to say I believe that's what's coming also, certainly in the UK. There's lots of evidence of it sneaking in...
  13. F Stein

    Please tell me this is not HDR machine

    Somebody emailed me the following link, please tell me this parody is not what a HDR time machine is.?
  14. F Stein

    How do you add your posts to Twitter

    Hello and ministration I'll be shortly setting up a Twitter account but I would like to add my post automatically to Twitter can I do that? Is there a that allows me to do there
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    Unable to edit

    Hello administration, I'm unable to edit posts after a certain time.
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    Creepy Crawlers in breakfast cereal

    Hi forum geeks Just had a bowl of Flanagan's organic porridge oats tasted absolutely awful. What worse is I found what appeared to be a couple of maggots in the packet the oats came out. This is first time it's happened with this manufacturers. It's happened to me before in the past. That...
  17. F Stein

    Does an electric field or a magnetic field have mass

    Hi time geeks, does a electric field and a magnetic field have mass:unsure:
  18. F Stein

    What experiences have you had with the HDR

    I've noticed a lot of posted in regards to the HDR time thingamajig. What put me off it a bit was having what appeared to be a large electric magnet near your gonads. As I said to @Mayhem if it works it works, so what's your experiences.
  19. F Stein

    What are you trying to use to time travel?

    Hello I'm interesting in what methods or technology some of the members of this forum are trying to use to time travel. What are you experimenting with? What are you cobbling up in your mother's back room or allotment shed.?
  20. F Stein

    Whatever happened to Mullac?

    Whatever happened to @mullac998 ? Did he ever meet up with the alleged time traveller Harriet (B)? If so what was the outcome? I would like some closure to the story as it was left on a cliffhanger. What was this Tesla Cane he wrote about? I will read the thread in detail later.