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  1. steven chiverton

    Alchemy Experiments

    its a long read but this will interest you
  2. steven chiverton

    Are reptilians actually real?

    they say they bad and some say they good but like all humens you have bad and good so theres a lot of disinformation about some aliens out there many have claimed to of seen them and been abducted by them but i think its only small compared to the abductions by the controlled greys
  3. steven chiverton

    The Alien Life Forms Book

    have you seen a russian book of alien species its very well detailed and has been online for ages you can download it or the youtube videos of it
  4. steven chiverton


    maybe they cooked them on a yowie camp fire baked beings hey
  5. steven chiverton


    which is faster a fast moving yowie or bigfoot or a light from a camera flash is the anserw to capture these creatures on film fast
  6. steven chiverton

    Have you saw a UFO?

    ive seen many ufos over the years but one of the strangest ones was during a 2 year period i was monitoring during mostly night till late with some modified hodowanec gravity wave detectors for ufo gravity waves, i received a small signal after listening to it outside in the dark while sitting...
  7. steven chiverton

    ??? What Is Gravity ???

    if that pendant is 3 inches across thats about how much of ya skin it will protect only the patterns on them are just artwork dose nothing to protect you what so ever just a placebo, and they call them nu me pendants more like rob me dry pendants .
  8. steven chiverton

    ??? What Is Gravity ???

    cell phone radiation dosent hit a pendant size spot on ya body it needs to cover you more
  9. steven chiverton

    ??? What Is Gravity ???

    i used to hear the funny line there is no gravity the earth sucks? so if yous want to experiment and use things to try find out heres a start i used to by schematics from this place online and download them instantly after i gave my card details
  10. steven chiverton

    ??? What Is Gravity ???

    look through this profesor youll find something about this subject even ufo technology antigravity like stuff to
  11. steven chiverton

    Suppressed Incredible Inventions By John Freeman 1976.

    this one youll like above proffesor
  12. steven chiverton

    UPDATE: Here's what happened to Mad Man Marcum and his Time Machine (Art Bell 1995)

    trying to get some more radio show interviews from the art bell links is hard ya have to join and maybe pay for it bloody crooks
  13. steven chiverton

    UPDATE: Here's what happened to Mad Man Marcum and his Time Machine (Art Bell 1995)

    the link dosent work it takes yo somewhere else id say its been hijacked
  14. steven chiverton

    Paranormalis ends in a year?

    sounds like a bean powerd farting thruster ass model poo powerd diarrhea rocket
  15. steven chiverton

    Radiant Energy Receiver

    yess happy your back your a real valuable asset the world needs you
  16. steven chiverton

    The World of the Jinn

    jinn and tonic super heros of the bottle world lol
  17. steven chiverton

    Journeying Through Time with a Tesla's Cane

    i thought the chat and discoid was the same thing as when i go in chat theres nothing there but remnants of the last chatters who been there
  18. steven chiverton

    Journeying Through Time with a Tesla's Cane

    what is disciod really is it the same as the chatroom with dead names in it that no longer talk with the rest in peace line missing or other
  19. steven chiverton


    chronovisor is like a see through perspex toilet seat you sit on it look down and see sht lol
  20. steven chiverton

    Journeying Through Time with a Tesla's Cane

    i dont know ive popped in there a few times into the discoid chat if its called that its like a silent graveyard with dead inactive names there of the dead who dont talk i say something get no answer so the discoid thing is just a names graveyard .the only other thing missing is the rest in...