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  1. Parazite1986

    Cure for cancer

    Because of that, how can I stomach it that some people are sleeping in their beds with this in mind?
  2. Parazite1986

    Debate Any cure for Schizoaffective and autism besides B12

    Because of my schizoaffective disorder, I have pstd flashbacks as well as labels from others including the dreaded R word. Any way to decrease fear and increase control in my life will be appreciated.
  3. Parazite1986

    Cure for cancer

    Same with apricot kernels. I found out apricot kernels have the chemicals to suppress cancer from the book “the World without Cancer” by G. Edward Griffin. B17 is this vitamin
  4. Parazite1986

    Forum Game The Word Association

    Manhattan Project
  5. Parazite1986

    I'm walking with ghosts

    So Rudi? Do you say something similar to silver as well?
  6. Parazite1986

    How to Remove a Curse

    Would that be simple to take Hyssop water and mop the house up after taking a bath in holy water and Florida water? As well as a smidge of shielding every day?
  7. Parazite1986

    Tx girls tumor dissappears.

    I said when doctors performed miracles, people attribute it to God instead of trying alternative medication or even one radical experiment and see it for themselves. However, it is a combination of both drugs and faith in the person. “You got to have faith for this to work,” said my old lady .
  8. Parazite1986

    I don't know why I'm posting this I think it's stupid and most likely fake but....

    Does mars have bitcoin to speak of? I know earth has a commercial bitcoin named DogeCoin by Elon Musk. However, the deep state always keeps secrets from us.
  9. Parazite1986

    Suspended due to Time Travel?

    There have been humans who traveled time.
  10. Parazite1986

    Suspended due to Time Travel?

    Aren’t you from the other planet or future, trithinium? I am getting some sense out of this.
  11. Parazite1986

    The Truth About the Virus

    It’s good to hear about the lady doctor as well. Most of the doctors would rather kill and maim instead of heal. I don’t even trust them with my life.