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    Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?

    Remember that you don't want to live this life, you have to for reasons beyond our knowledge
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    Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?

    I believe so, I have some flashes of the life I lived 'before' and I remeber faces of people I had met in life before knowing them, everything that happens to me seems like scripted or I have this feeling, even the relationship between my mother and I was something like kind of 'acted'. I...
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    The Alien Image that Can Control Reality

    I watched long enough to be transported out of youtube
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    This is the threat of searching space internet parallel universe internet

    You should try with the dark web , but I hardly think you won't be scammed big time there, anywasy I think that if somethign is really important to governament it surely won't beput on the internet, not even in a remote server somewehre in kazzibongo.
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    Time Travel Institute Is Open

    Memo Baqueri, I have been following this site for so long, and there are regular visitors from the future, who turn out to be scam, i suppose just to have some funny moments for their own amusement, anyways, do you mind to share some facts about the future , will covid be defeated ? what kind of...
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    Time-Hacking with computers and algorithms

    Hello ThatBAMF, i studied the code given by Reactor1967, but I wasn't able to get the results he claims, probably becasue i am doing something wrong, and i do not see what directory i have to search for the supposed files from future or past. Since i am still interested into this, ( I have a...
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    Some of my paranormal experiences

    The weight of the soul should be 21 grams, but it has been debunked , since its the air leaving the body not the 'soul'
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    Craig Johnson possible time travel or teleportation experiment machine

    How do you know that ? In my opinion time travel its not possible , how can matter exists in a different time ?
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    Chronovisor videos

    Stando a quelle immagini, dove vivo io ( Calabria giusto sullo stretto ) , dovrei avere gia' visto o sentito qualcosa, ma assolutamente qui non e' succeso di strano
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    Paranormalis ends in a year?

    Beans and diarrohea ( latin : diarrea ) , I cannot think of a more explosive combination
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    Gibbs' Equations

    I looked for this Taum Noddy , but i found this : Noddy per Bambino Stand a Sagoma di Cartone - 130cm | can you point me to some information about him ?
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    Gibbs' Equations

    NaturalPhilosopher, you really shut me down on this , didn't know that longitudinal were scalar, waves are not scalar, i really want to point this out becasue they are contradictory term in a mathematical formal way
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    Gibbs' Equations

    I am not talking abotu scalar waves here, scalar waves is a contradictory term itself, and not recognized by current scitnific knowledge
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    Paranormalis ends in a year?

    John Titor and I have talked a lot about this and he confirmed that.
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    Gibbs' Equations

    @Starlite, then its not a vector, its a null scalar, 2 waves in phase opposition cancel each other , becasue their energy s converted into heat, this is not factoid, this is a measured effects
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    Gibbs' Equations

    This closes the question.
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    Gibbs' Equations

    All I can say , is that Gibbs' affirmations, does not make sense to me.
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    Gibbs' Equations

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    Gibbs' Equations

    what is a zero vector