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  1. Blue Wolf

    I'm looking for my reincarnated crew.

    I have found one and she is my girlfriend but we have started considering the chances there is more than 2 of us. How do I connect with the rest of them? How do I find them? How do I recognize them when we find them? We were ordered by our superiors to do so.
  2. Blue Wolf

    Who are the Freemasons & what is their purpose?

    Seriously. A direct answer. I have not really found an honest-to-god direct answer.
  3. Blue Wolf

    Are grays capable of receiving radio signals in their vehicles?

    I urgently must get a message to them. No telepathic communication or anything alike is functioning properly. This is a serious question. I don't want a debate on whether the big heads are flying around my neighbourhood or not so just give tips on recommended equipment, other than medication...
  4. Blue Wolf

    Mathematical knowledge to understand astrophysics or physics in general?

    No need for me to mention my age. What mathematical path should I travel along to study such topics?
  5. Blue Wolf

    I'm trying to strengthen my telepathic & manipulative abilities.

    I'm currently able to affect people and twist their emotions around but it takes a while for them to reveal it & have results show. Seeing as it occurs so late, I usually doubt myself before it even is finished. Is there any way I can empower my ability? It usually becomes crowded with my...
  6. Blue Wolf

    Discord chat group.

    You may join as you wish. I'm not forcing you against your will. Also, for sake of being polite, I'm not intentionally diverting your attention from Paranormalis. (Link Removed)
  7. Blue Wolf

    If a spirit was swapped into your body, would you still feel in control of your body?

    Would you be somewhere else? Theoretically, what do you think would happen?
  8. Blue Wolf

    Reincarnation - Cameron Macaulay

    Here is the video.
  9. Blue Wolf

    Is it possible to be close to someone you knew in a past life?

    I don't really have to ask this question but I would just like to know what you folk think. I was unsure of where to categorize this but I'll just place it here. Her and I are probably telepathically connected. We hear the thoughts of each other. We know what we are going to do before we do...
  10. Blue Wolf

    If John Titor was real...

    What if he saved us from a nuclear war all along and we didn't know it? He has to live on after saving a world-line that does not believe him. He's like a time travelling Jesus Christ. It's just a thought. I'm not saying whether he's authentic or not.
  11. Blue Wolf

    Stealing money in the future and returning it in the past.

    Let's imagine there is a scenario where someone has only $100. You steal all the money they have. You take the $100 from that person and return it to them in the past. You tell them that the $200 is to make up for what someone is about to steal. Now, you go forward in time and steal the $200...
  12. Blue Wolf

    Media Pyramid found on Easter Island?

    "What if I were to tell you that not only is there an ancient pyramid being hidden near the island but that grid lines, scoured into the face of Easter Island, plot exact lines to multiple ancient sites in Egypt, including the pyramids in Giza? On nearby Rapa Iti, lays a very ancient and very...
  13. Blue Wolf

    There's a strange unexplained crop formation in Cley Hill, Warminster, UK.

    "He had studied the grass in the crop circle and came to the conclusion that those who had made it and created the design must have used lasers, GPS devices, and microwaves, because the nodes of some stalks had been blasted on one side. He went on to say that the same effect was copied by...
  14. Blue Wolf

    What are the T.E.C. archives?

    I saw it on a lot of Num7's posts. May someone enlighten me?
  15. Blue Wolf

    Hole in Antarctica slipped through video of aurora.

    Congratulations to whoever forgot to edit the hole out. Great job, NASA. :cool: The video can be downloaded below. Here it is on Youtube. There isn't really much else that needs to be said here.
  16. Blue Wolf

    Google Earth is using photos of Antarctica from 1957.

    Antarctica in 1957 Antarctica in 2016 Strange. It seems that they may be hiding something there.
  17. Blue Wolf

    Suppose the HDR is capable of physical travel. Can it only handle one person?

    I don't want to lose all of my loved ones.
  18. Blue Wolf

    Do you believe the Lacerta interviews are legitimate?

    Here it is.
  19. Blue Wolf

    Has anyone here ever been to a MUFON meeting?

    I'm merely wondering.
  20. Blue Wolf

    I've been seeing visions of flying saucers, dinosaurs, and tall figures.

    There was a man who walked through a gateway and he appeared to walk from a frozen snowstorm to a paradise of some sort. There were many large trees. There was a gargantuan dinosaur moving through them and there were strange colored velociraptors. The dinosaurs weren't the bland...