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  1. Novram

    Any other good Paranormal message boards or forums?

    I don't like facebook or reddit. Facebook sends you too much spam and I was not able to post anything on reddit becasue I was too new. Paranormalis is a good place for discussion posts about the paranormal. Thanks for the info.
  2. Novram

    Any other good Paranormal message boards or forums? is a good one for cryptics, Bigfoot and others. I like, which has ghost stories from every state around the country. There are also some databases of reports for UFOs and Bigfoot, like . MUFON has a database, but you have to be a member and...
  3. Novram

    Blog Hamlet

    "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, then are drempt of in your philosophy". William Shakespeare.
  4. Novram

    How is your search for alien contact going? Did you get a radio?

    How is your search for alien contact going? Did you get a radio?
  5. Novram

    Bigfoot foot print found in Missouri?

    In the Ozarks in Missouri there is the Blue Man, a Bigfoot type creature. They are not blue in color. The name comes from a man from the north, a Yankee who first reported seeing the cryptic there.
  6. Novram

    Blog Shyness: A blessing or a curse?

    I am shy too. It has been a curse for me. I have difficulty connecting with people. Thats why I like the paranormal. It goes beyond our normal everyday lives.
  7. Novram

    Blog Bump in the night

    Thats the one.
  8. Novram

    Blog Bump in the night

    I'm into "things that go bump in the night". The expression is from a traditional Scottish prayer.
  9. Novram


    Paranology 101 is like basic training for ghost hunting. There were a few places on the Interweb that were doing this. They are paranormal organizations that had people come out and participate in investigations, demonstrating ghost hunting techniques and learning a little about the equipment...
  10. Novram


    Very good, your right. Ghostology is the study and research of spiritual paranormal phenomena. Ghost hunters are field investigators that search for evidence of para-spiritual activity. I read somewhere that some ghostologists don't like to be called ghost hunters. But they can be one in the...
  11. Novram


    Is there a difference between a ghostologist and a ghost hunter?
  12. Novram

    History of ghost photography

    I agree with keeping an open mind. There are times when "unexplained photographic anomalies" show up in pictures. I took a picture of a stump squatch at a park and something else showed up in the photo that I can't explain.
  13. Novram

    Blog Bigfoot

    Let me splain. Some Sasquatch live so deep in the wilderness, like in Canada and Alaska, they may never come in contact with people, or our technology. There are places with no roads or houses or telephone polls. An occasional airplane or jet flying overhead, they may think is a different kind...
  14. Novram

    Oklahoma Lawmaker Files Bill to Establish Bigfoot Hunting Season

    This is the worst idea I have heard in a long time. Sasquatch are very closely related to humans. Hunting and killing them would be like murdering a person. There are ordinances in White Hall, New York and Skamania County, Washington that prohibit the harming of a Bigfoot creature.
  15. Novram

    Blog Bigfoot

    "There are Bigfoot that don't believe that humans exist".
  16. Novram

    Project Blue Book's Consultant

    I had not heard of the Mojave base before. Is that at the China Lake military base? I did read about a base in Dulce, New Mexico, in the Blue Planet Project, the Alien life form book, was a link posted by Opmmur, on Paranormalis. It said there was a tunnel from there to Los Alamos.
  17. Novram

    Blog Spirits

    I didn't interpret this expression in a religious sense. I think of this quote as being about reincarnation. That the spirit world is our normal existence and we are just living on this earth temporarily, between incarnations of our spirits into other living beings.
  18. Novram

    Blog Spirits

    "We are not humans having a spiritual experience. We are spirits having a human experience".
  19. Novram

    Any info about vortexes

    Places where there are triangles, may have portals to other dimensions. Like the Bermuda triangle, the Great Lakes Triangle, the Bridgewater Triangle in Massachusetts, Shamans Portal in Oklahoma. If you find gateway, a vortex can lead you through another dimension, to an alternate universe...
  20. Novram

    Blog Time