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    Hello everyone. I'm back tonight. Been out of touch for a long time. Just needed to ask, There's a lot of discussion on the time travel theory presented in Endgame by the Russo Brothers. Any thoughts out there on it? I won't say anymore in case some of you haven't seen the movie yet. Just...
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    John Titor and an old Post

    Haven't been on for awhile. I was listening to the news and wanted to search Titor's prediction about a woman president. He was telling someone in a posting that she (possibly Hillary Clinton) just tried to keep her power base. But I wanted to see the original posting again to see if it reads...
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    Debate Is Donald Trump a Time Traveler?

    This was just posted on my youtube account. See what you guys can make of this. There are 2 of these videos.
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    A new TV Show is coming about paranormal stuff, mythical beings etc. ‘The Lowe Files’: Rob Lowe’s A&E Mystery Reality Series Sets Premiere Date, Unveils Trailer
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    The Protests of 2017

    Was thinking about Titor's predictions about the civil protests today. Does anyone think maybe THIS was what he was talking about?
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    If anyone has a question for Jarrod post here. I can't guarantee an answer but i will ask and hope to have one for you!
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    Montauk Project

    Found this at
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    These are for Martian and anyone else who wants to learn about what TPTB planned for Japan in the 1980's. I hope I can get them all u ploaded for you. I think you will be amazed at what you will read. Enjoy.
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    Civil War

    This was the headline on the Huffington Post today. Huffington Post Canada - Canadian News Stories, Breaking News, Opinion Donald Trump And America's 'Second Civil War'
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    Interview Billy Meier's Prophecies on youtube

    I am listening right now to this youtube interview on Meier's prophecies. And just right after the first hour Michael Horn I believe is the man who is being interviewed stated that the U. S. is coming into a Civil War and will be divided into 5 dictatorial territories. This statement struck...
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    Fan Fiction THE NEW X-FILES

    OMG! Has anyone started watching the new X-Files yet? I just started to watch last night and they aren't sparing anything on that show. They've even included the Problem, Reaction, Solution statement David Icke continues to make throughout his lectures and videos. My jaw was dropping a...
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    Debate Psyhic Requested on Chat

    I found the name of the psychic we were talking about on a chat some time ago. If you are still interested. Welcome to Bella Speaks
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    Super Bowl Prediction

    So, are we still on for a Patriots vs Panthers in the 2016 Super Bowl?
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    A New Year's Surprise

    Don't know if this counts as paranormal, but here goes. I visited the grave of a friend New Year's Eve and found a Heart on the grave! After I uploaded the pictures to my computer I noticed a cross to the side of the heart! Needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised. Enjoy!
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    Media Close Encounter the SNL Kind

    This was on Saturday Night Live last night. Funny! Enjoy!
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    Debate Time Travel Possible?

    I found this article on my facebook wall. You decide: Physicists Prove Time Travel Possible by Sending Particles of Light into the Past
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    I need an expert on astral travel asap. Is there anyone on this board who can answer some questions for me privately? Please let me know asap if you are.
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    UFOs over City Where I Work

    OMG ! I was on my way home from work tonight and over the highway I take home I spotted 2 UFOS heading toward Geneva as I was leaving. I stopped a moment to see what they looked like. They were orange red balls looking like they were on fire. They were flying by floating no sound at all. I...
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    Did NASA Mistakenly Create a Warp Field? / Sputnik International
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    Huffington Post Caught this one!