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  1. JasperMoon

    Time travel conflicts

    I heard that theory, too. But too many don't believe that. The "truth" is that conspiracy theorists and people who have been interviewed by Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan say just the opposite. People like Andrew Basiago have told stories like Andrew as a kid visited Lincoln during the time of the...
  2. JasperMoon

    Improve my psychic knowledge

    Let me get back to you on this one. What exactly do you want to learn?
  3. JasperMoon

    Jeb Bush

    Why are people not seeing Trump's campaign for what it is? On the road to Perdition? As for the other candidates I don't trust any one of them either. And if you want Jeb Bush you want the son of a criminal and the brother of a criminal for your prez, whether he is or not. You want to create...
  4. JasperMoon

    Media Close Encounter the SNL Kind

    This was on Saturday Night Live last night. Funny! Enjoy!
  5. JasperMoon

    Debate Time Travel Possible?

    Just put the article up for an FYI of course time travel is real and it's been ongoing for some time. Only the regular public doesn't know that.
  6. JasperMoon

    Debate Time Travel Possible?

    I found this article on my facebook wall. You decide: Physicists Prove Time Travel Possible by Sending Particles of Light into the Past