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  1. TheMedic2001

    How would one go about contacting E.T Aliens

    If one wanted to contact an extraterrestrial being from another planet, what would be the way for them to do it?
  2. TheMedic2001

    Wierd dream need interpretation

    So I was playing Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 stopping a mugging when suddenly I decided to use Ghost-Spider's ability which is called "Spirit Fire" which then made me remember a dream I had. I was on a highway when all the sudden my vision cuts to the side view of Ghost Rider behind me with him...
  3. TheMedic2001

    Has anyone tried making a Tesla Coil with a rodin coil and a copper pyramid?

    I wanna know what effects a tesla coil made out of a rodin coil and a copper pyramid would have, the primary coil being a rodin coil big enough to have a copper pyramid which is the secondary coil inside of it obviously with the pointy bit at the top being made out of aluminium. Has anyone ever...
  4. TheMedic2001

    Why do people try to use radionics to time travel?

    Why do people try to use radionics like HDR to time travel and what's the science behind that logic?
  5. TheMedic2001

    Talking to your subconscious mind to gain knowledge and learn in a lucid dream

    I want to learn how to lucid dream so that I can test my hypothesis on learning new things, gaining new insights and overall improving knowledge with the help of one's subconscious mind. Any suggestions?
  6. TheMedic2001

    Do you guys think it's time for Paranormalis to get a mobile app?

    I think the forum would have more activity if we had a mobile app. Also it would be a better way to get notified on stuff that are happening on the forum. What do u guys think?
  7. TheMedic2001

    I am desperately looking for a way to go back in time

    Ok so basically shit went wrong with someone i kind of got to know mainly because of me and I want fix that. I mean were talking suicide here. So please no trolls. It can be anything a test version of your device a magick spell to a voodoo ritual anything that can actually work. So please no...
  8. TheMedic2001

    Debate What is fourth dimension?

    Lately I've been thinking about the fourth dimension what it really is and what I came up with is this : Fourth dimension is time itself it holds all three dimensional universes which are like strings. Together they're like spiderweb. Each string has it's vibration and every vibration has it's...
  9. TheMedic2001

    Can HDR teleport people?

    I remember reading about HDR and one of the things I read was that you think about the place and the time and you get teleported there. So I thought why not use the HDR for teleporting from place A to place B but still stay in present. Is that even possible?
  10. TheMedic2001

    If I went back in time and changed something would I fade out of existance

    I've seen the ending of season 2 of The Flash basically Barry went back in time and saved his mother and he saw himself(from season 1) fading out of existance and that made me think if I went back in time and changed some thing that would drastically altered the present would I fade out of...
  11. TheMedic2001

    Using hipnosis to time travel

    I was thinking what if we could use binarual beats and some affirmations to vibrate at the same frequency as the world in the time you want to go or your past self if you want to go back to your young body. So what do you think?