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  1. Jay0149

    Time machine

    Does anyone that has money want to buy a time machine guaranteed money back to work
  2. Jay0149

    Time travel

    Feynman absorption by stomach and water 7 seconds and 2 second PaperWormhole travel 7 seconds Both need a respirator Feynman flash lamp 10 min forward 20 back Proton lamp picture ten minutes back
  3. Jay0149

    For sale

    Okay what I’m selling is a time machine I have tested it without pressure chamber and it resulted in 9 min forward 20 min backward and 1 min backwards in two trials. Please start the bidding at 1500
  4. Jay0149

    Sea serpent

    I’ve seen memphre at memphremagog
  5. Jay0149

    Attention please

    If you stand in the dark and cast a glance backwards and turn the microwave on you can see your skeleton bonus points if it’s because of a tritium watch or talking at the cia
  6. Jay0149


    You want to tell me why everyone won’t buy teleportation or wormhole tech from me Then you abusively says I hallucinate it And you make me work at a car wash and ye tried to murder and cripple me and my baby in the store And no one buys the teleportation or time travel tech
  7. Jay0149

    Fir sale seriously no trolls please don’t boot me jealously

    I’m a salesperson for my independent company selling Gauss guns laser pistols time machines and teleportation pads seriously this is not a joke or trolling I’m having trouble making sales because no one believes me or are jealous I have successful time trials 7 seconds to 2003 2 seconds to two...