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  1. Luke.369

    just an idea.

    What if you could make viewing the future personal? What if you had the means to see only your owen choices and could max your futures out look. seeing the wrongs and making them rites. a personel wrist watch that could tell you down to 2 to 4 ways of making your future from that point in time?...
  2. Luke.369

    Secret music codes

    Just seeing if anyone remembers the (Diatonic code). its a code that hides things in music, like secrets. alchamists used it to hide what they new for only the wise and in the know to find. it goes back hundreds of years.
  3. Luke.369


    2018.May.12-27.shock.am4.tipoflance. three of four will rise and one will fall, as angels now call for the drums of war. L.A.H
  4. Luke.369


    Ok well i was thinking about how people todays days have found the code 124875? What studys brought them to this numbering and what do they think it means? I too have known about this code for some time but i dont think people of today and i are on the same page. i have looked in to it deeply...
  5. Luke.369

    a little thought.

    What if i was from far away from earth and just thought to my self “what if i go over there to earth and just open there minds to all run at 100%?then ill have someone to talt to out here.” whould you all be SO open that you could work as one soul or one mind? or would the world be doomed to...
  6. Luke.369


    i NEED someone or some other person to help me. i have lived 22 years over the moment of what happend to me and im seeing and knowing this is not my real timeline. things are way off and i still dont know why they did what they did, all i know is i can do more things then i could before...
  7. Luke.369

    theoretical science

    :)???。 audio vibrational osalation tuned to a very high but still low frequency. sent through with time,date,geo location, historical location, known space in relative time and theta waves programed in. ect. hope this helps one of you. ps. why is a raven like a wrighting desk?
  8. Luke.369

    I have been drawing in my sleep.

  9. Luke.369

    Cape Scott time traveler

    I know this is going to hit people As an odd statement but I'll make non the less. I know I am the Cape Scott Traveler. I remember being there but haven't and remember being a very long time into the future where I was working for a universal galaxy unit that specialized in human cryogenic...
  10. Luke.369

    The Cape Scott Time Traveler is alive.

    This is going out for anyone to hear. I am very turn from here to there about how to start this other then I know who the Cape Scott time traveler is and how to prove who it is and where he is rite now. Can anyone tell me anything they seem to think on the Cape Scott time traveler. What do you...