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  1. Trithinium

    Spatial dimensions

    Theories are only theories until they can be tested to be proven to be true. How can you measure time dimensions? It's just an idea. They're just guesses. Just because of human calculation, doesn't make it the truth. You say there's only two time dimensions. I say there's 8 to 12 depending on...
  2. Trithinium

    Spatial dimensions

    You're saying a radio frequency can stop spatial dimensions from running all time lines at once full throttle which stops a time warp from opening?
  3. Trithinium

    Armageddon. Does it make Jesus rather evil?

    Well. You are a tower and Knights go in those right? Don't be so hard on yourself.
  4. Trithinium

    A little about me

    It was in the second message I received. I don't know if what I posted broke a rule. Thanks
  5. Trithinium

    The Truth Beyond Reincarnation

    I thought about being reincarnated into a rock. You'd be like, "I'm screwed . I'm never going to die so my spirit is stuck here. Hello, hello. Can anyone hear me. Nope nothing. Great, now what. Why am I skipping across the water. I've sunk to the bottom. I see stuff swimming by. I...
  6. Trithinium

    From the past

  7. Trithinium

    Armageddon. Does it make Jesus rather evil?

    Since you know the Christian religion God and what he does, say hi from me.
  8. Trithinium

    Spatial dimensions

    I found out there are many spacial dimensions all around the universe. They hold between 8 to 12 timelines for travel. A problem in the universe occurs when all timelines are being used. That causes a time warp also placed throughout the universe. These are bad. They cause parallel...
  9. Trithinium

    Armageddon. Does it make Jesus rather evil?

    Christians are the only ones that have to deal with hell as we think of it. That goes for revelations to. If they want to be judged let them, but atheists , Buddhist and all other belief systems don't apply to those beliefs. You can't write a bible and force everyone to comply. Everyone...
  10. Trithinium

    Cure for cancer

    I cured cancer once with my bone marrow. A little seven-year-old boy was dying from leukemia and he didn't have any chances left of living so I volunteered and donated my bone marrow and it cured his cancer. Doctors couldn't cure it medicines couldnt cure it God didn't cure it so I thought I...
  11. Trithinium

    A little about me

    My account says suspended for some reason. Maybe it's my content. so I won't post amymore
  12. Trithinium

    More from my journal

    Here is more drawings from travelers.
  13. Trithinium

    More writings

    Some more drawings. Some are in universal language.
  14. Trithinium

    A little about me

    The communication has been going on for 9 months I believe. I lose track of time. Ha.
  15. Trithinium

    A little about me

    This can start you off. I have about 60 notes from the travelers.
  16. Trithinium

    Time travel rules

    Time travelers only come from certain planets. Every planet has it's job to do. These planets were assigned to be time travelers. They have jobs to do throughout the cosmos and any other place that exist. There been here on Earth. They have to follow rules. Our "Watchers" keep track of...
  17. Trithinium

    Suspended due to Time Travel?

    Humans aren't time travelers. Aliens are. There are rules you have to abide by and humans would break the rules to benefit themselves and it doesn't work that way.
  18. Trithinium

    A little about me

    Hi. Something happened to me 2 years ago. It was a supernatural event. Ever since then I've seen my share of supernatural activity like walking into a full hospital emergency room and every single person was frozen in time for 6 seconds. I acted like I didn't notice because I knew whatever...