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  1. Harte

    Call to ban Inquisitor from Paranormalis

    Some poster with a post count under 50 comes on here and suggests a long-time member should be banned because... butt hurt. Is this what it's come to? Seems to me that someone that would outright call for the ouster of a long-term member after only being on here a few days is violating the T&C...
  2. Harte

    3,500 Occult Manuscripts Will Be Digitized & Made Freely Available Online, Thanks to Da Vinci Code A

    Free occult manuscripts coming your way. All you sorcerers suit up. Link Harte
  3. Harte

    Online Tone Generator (2)

    link Harte
  4. Harte

    Coleridge's "Kubla Khan" in Limerick

    Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, revisited. When the Khan into Xanadu came, He figured that he'd up his game. So a dome he decreed and between you and me the region was never the same. His construct was ten miles across. It was walls, with high towers embossed. There rich earth was found...
  5. Harte

    Great kid, superlative student, needs help

    I've been a High School Math and Science teacher for eleven years now. I work in a struggling school with one of the lowest-achieving student bodies in Memphis. These kids come to us in the 9th grade and 90% lack the skills they should have gotten in Middle School. About half of them coming in...
  6. Harte

    Make your own dang pies you lazy sonsabeeches

    I've threatened and warned, and now it's here. Your guide to the holiday pumpkin pie from scratch (sort of.) The dough recipe can be found here: It's called "Pie Dough Cockaigne" and is supposed to make two single-crust doughs. Personally, I increase the recipe by 50% as will be explained...
  7. Harte

    Trump wins - Glass is half full

    Look on the bright side. Harte
  8. Harte

    Food you cooked

    Here's some stuff I've made in the last couple of weeks: Harte
  9. Harte

    Num7 is a pup socket

  10. Harte

    Debunking Scalar Waves?

    "Scalar waves," eh? A scalar wave is an ordinary wave (a wave with magnitude but no oscillation directional component other than the direction of travel of the wave itself), such as a water wave or a sound wave. This is as opposed to a vector wave which does have a vector component for the...
  11. Harte

    Christmas Epiphany - A Limerick Poem

    A considerable time I've been here And I've know quite a few in those years. Their collections of posts Haunt this forum like ghosts But I tread in these halls without fear. Every one seemed a likeable sort Ever quick with a funny retort And I wonder today Was it really this way? Or has time...
  12. Harte

    Lasagna. You Like?

    I threw these two lasagnas together Saturday: Made with Italian sausage and olives. And ricotta, mozzarella and some decent parmagiana, of course. This was the first time I've used those "no boil" noodles. It workled out fine. Didn't see a single boil on any noodle. Harte
  13. Harte

    Harte's Titorific Thanksgiving

    The "real" Titor will never arrive. Stick a fork in him, that turkey is done. Harte
  14. Harte

    On the Antiquity of the Sphinx

    This is an old article of mine I wrote years ago for this site. It had been lost, but Num recently located it. I've since learned much more about Schoch's theory and now consider it baseless, but perhaps some others might like to read and comment on it. A few years back, around 1990, at the...
  15. Harte

    Debunking Is Harte "Seriously likeable?"

    You people have me all wrong. I'm the biggest asshole on this board. So what's with this? Bunch of sickos is what you are! Harte
  16. Harte

    Debunking Government Conspiracies

    The idea of some nefarious cabal behind government in the U.S. (or the entire world) is comforting to some, which is why this utter fabrication is constantly asserted in every internet forum with a conspiracy section. It's too scary for some folks to believe that there is actually no one in...
  17. Harte

    Debunking Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean

    This thread is to debunk and debate the following discussion: Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean | Paranormalis He's selling the book, still. He hoped it meant more book sales. The "white lodge," aka the "great white brotherhood" is a collection of paranormal beings invented entirely...
  18. Harte

    I Am An Expert On John Titor. *

    ADMIN NOTE: This is a debunking discussion debating the validity of content and claims posted in this topic: Your stated beliefs regarding this transparent hoax tells us all we need to...
  19. Harte

    Forum Game Harte's funny thread!

    Harte's funny thread! What is the sound of one Harte agreeing? Harte