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  1. Okarin

    Help a Newbie

    Hi good to meet you
  2. Okarin

    My experience at spell casting

    Hi that's interesting where did you research to find the spell?
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    Welcome good to meet you I’m a total novice but open minded hope to chat sometime
  4. Okarin

    Help a Newbie

    Thank you folks for your help I will do my home work!
  5. Okarin

    Help a Newbie

    Hi I am interested in learning more about time travel is it possible? If so how and what are the effects risks ect
  6. Okarin

    Help a Newbie

    HI All I'm a total newbie who has been drifting around this forum for a short while and my interest has been pricked. So my question is where and how do I start to educate myself. It's clear there is a lot of very intelligent interesting posters here and to be able to engage I need to...
  7. Okarin


    Beer of the devil that’s why I drink whiskey
  8. Okarin

    Is Alexa Spying On Me?

    is every person born with a soul or does it have to be earnt through life experiences toil ect and is it possible to forfeit your soul. I think that a souk can become corrupted, twisted but it be lost entirely and if so what then becomes of the person left without a soul are they now just empty...
  9. Okarin

    Greetings and salutations

    hi good to meet you newbie here to. Loving the wide ranging discussions and threads
  10. Okarin

    I need links to magick and occultism sites on the deep web

    stay away from the deep web a Pandora's box once opened cant be closed
  11. Okarin

    Magic Bar? Help

    this is interesting. Have you researched the history of the building? are to the first person to report seeing writing like this? if it's unique to you then that kinda goes to the dream or overtiredness idea (but then if it's a dream then that's interesting in its self) but others have seen or...
  12. Okarin

    Fan Fiction Time travel story development

    it would be good if people were to out links to their stories then we could provide a view as to direction ect
  13. Okarin

    Do you guys think it's time for Paranormalis to get a mobile app?

    I’ve no problem accessing the forum from my phone. I hate apps that chuck so many ads at you and functionality is lost or you get so sick of them you abandon it
  14. Okarin

    Is Alexa Spying On Me?

    how many devices do most of us have in our homes that are capable of collecting information about us? phones, watches, Alexa ect the list is almost endless.
  15. Okarin

    How did you find Paranormalis ?

    I stumbled here from google looking at time travel nothing serious just wasting time on a lazy lockdown Sunday
  16. Okarin

    Why i don't Ghost hunt and nor should you.

    I understand the sentiment but the human condition is one of continuous exploration of all worlds. I have been on very many ghost hunts (I hate that phrase) and have never experienced any problems. Make sure you take proper precautions with white light protection ect never be alone and take it...
  17. Okarin

    If you were to learn a new language what would you choose?

    for me it would be classical Latin I already have a reasonable smattering but would like to be learn it properly. Starting from scratch I'd pick Japanese I only know a few words here and there and love to be fluent
  18. Okarin

    Newbie stumbled in to say hello, be gentle

    Newbie stumbled in to say hello, be gentle
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    hi newbie myself all forward to chatting in the forums
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    Hi newbie myself looking forward to meeting and chatting with all in the forums