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    Hi New Witch On Here

    welcome to the forum.
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    Montauk Point on Long Island, the Camp Hero interview and discussion:

    Do not know the veracity of this interview.
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    Walkie Talkies to attract UFO's with "tones"

    Sorry, thought it was channel lock diamondo. Thanks for the reminder>One can never be too careful with the price of groceries now a days.
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    Will you be taking the Covid Vaccine?

    I'll re-read it and give you an office memo. Thanks
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    Walkie Talkies to attract UFO's with "tones"

    Steve, it's more the intent and you're own intellectual mentive ability to handle the ET themselves, that really counts on a contact. They may or may not take advantage of your interest in them, via the use of a walkie talkie. All depends on what your possible motives may be to them and them to...
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    Looking for others with similar experience

    Albert S Rosales
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    Will you be taking the Covid Vaccine?

    No, you're in error. This is because if one has three phased elements that are blended in covid, which would be 1. a corona virus host body and 2. a form of HIV that is remarkably similar to the AIDS virus and 3. a form of something like rabies virus, that pathologically by published photographs...
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    Will you be taking the Covid Vaccine?

    Pfizer Pharmaceutical is working on a pill for it. These two years I've put in time as a student of virology, because this pandemic event has been so disruptive in my life. I was very fortune early on, to view a video by a university grad molecular biologist, who said his electron microscope...
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    Looking for others with similar experience

    More than likely they may be extradimensional scientist of some sort. This means for some reason they find you and your location as well as particulars of interest, so they're taking data as well as measurements on your doings. I would take notes on them as well. They don't by what you say seem...
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    Business moves that were attempted in 2017 to 2019

    I do not know if there's a linage between today's doings with the cancel culture attempt to mute what generally say, but these were business moves that were countered against in the time slots given. 1. Attempt to get Detroit and Cleveland areas, Learning and skill management schools that can...
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    Can Steven Gibbs still be reached? Also are there any other ways to get an HDR?

    If you're not going to go deep, with time travel, you can always join the laity and cheer from the stands, like Quidditch at Hogwarts. Time travel associations sometimes is like getting the crabs; you'll regret decision that you made and acts that you were forced, under a set of circumstances...
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    intellectual virtue

    Intert-u-lech-eral? Close enough.
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    intellectual virtue

    Mine is thinking it's not where's yours dumb yet, bert smothing likeit. Not zaying thert it's somethingbody stuupid, but whnes uyre not smarte, lick a dump sumthin? Wher the ididot's not skrewin his mother, but in chruch nut playin wit firewerks?
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    Odds on being wrong due to timeline technicalities

    If ? As the post said, to many variable conditions.
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    Odds on being wrong due to timeline technicalities

    I'm good as a semiskilled amateur's in a new area that I thought I'd never have to be good at. This advocation is centered such, that I had to know and understand the technology much better than it was presented to me in previous times. So I took two additional courses, then added this skill to...
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    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc.

    I noticed this post and was going to say something, because I noticed it like a new but discarded fully wrapped burrito, by a trash, that's perfectly good, but say the person was full and just tossed it to the can missing it. I mean if it does not have cheese on it, then I can eat it. But the...
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    The dumb-down principle or why subsequent generations don't get it

    Virtue is a subjective term. Just as fingers dangled in a glass of water, is equal to sex.
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    Debate will corona virus overwhelm the planet?

    With this particular virus, the vaccine does not stop it. Other parts of it still work, in spite of vaccination.
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    Joe Bidens Far Left Stupidity Is Now A Threat To The West!!

    Yeah, I know, Rock and Roll Highschool. ~ In a land where your mother might look like your sister, but really be a man.
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    Did a 2036 Time-Traveller Really Come Back For This Old IBM Computer?

    DID I EVER TALK TO JOHN TITOR, OR A TIME TRAVLER IN HIS NEAR APPROXIMATE DOSE? I may have and the sample of this captured information was, { Titor; I hit a solar flare and this was when I came into this reality or world line. There's a level of parallel redundancy built into the design of this...