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  1. TimeTravelFan2000

    Maxwell threads?

    I remembered someone known as Maxwell that used to post before 05 I think that claimed to be a time traveler. Anyone know where I can see an archive of his postings?
  2. TimeTravelFan2000

    Derek Chauvin trials and other police predictions.

    I believe he will be found Not Guilty on a majority of charges along with other officers. They will be found guilty of lesser charges but will certainly get away with murder and set free. Protests will flare up once again and some will be even worse than last years. Another extremely high...
  3. TimeTravelFan2000

    Cops may search for and confiscate guns without warrant

    If the SC says cops can do this then shit will get very bad very soon.
  4. TimeTravelFan2000

    My Analysis of John Titor's Worldline.

    My analysis of John Titor’s Worldline This examines an analysis of John Titor’s Worldline under a hypothesis that it is a real worldline (I believe personally it is). One of my hobbies is delving into political and historical analysis so this will be my analysis of his worldline focusing on 2000...
  5. TimeTravelFan2000

    Hello Everyone

    As my username suggests I am a huge fan of Time Travel in both fiction and possible real accounts (mostly timeslips). My favorite movies would be The Butterfly Effect and Source Code. I am also into paranormal stuff. I do a lot of reading on Glitch in the Matrix on Reddit including reading...