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    Washington Prophecies penned by Charles Wesley Alexander

    A long time back I had posted about Washington's vision/prophecies about the United States. Today I went to look for it and found this on Snopes George Washington's Vision The vision never took place it was a work of fiction. "The tale of "Washington's Vision" was penned by Charles Wesley...
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    The Pleiadian Collective on the U.S. Presidential Election and Current Energies

    I hope this is the correct forum to place this. Feel free to move this if it is not. The is a video by Wendy Kennedy who is known for channeling The Pleiadian 9th D Collective.
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    Civil War

    We are experiencing John Titor's civil war right now. If you communicate and look into the Trump supporter side you will see they are the same politics that Titor valued. Needless to say those who support Hillary would be those he fought against. Can our timeline make it through without the...
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    Percent divergence

    A big problem I use to have with the percent divergence, given by Titor and other 2035ers, was a percent is based on a mathematical division. It is useless to talk about a 1% or 5% divergence if there are not actual numbers you are dividing. Sure you can say an ant turns one way or another but...
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    Present "Predictions" to the past

    From time to time I have considered a time travel to the original One of the issues would be what "proof" would I bring with me of the future. Many have correctly dismissed such proof as being psychic abilities and not proof of time travel. I completely agree with that...
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    A Time Line of the Montauk Project and the Golden Horse of 6037

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    Jabberwacky This chat bot is an artficial intelligence based on the way people have responded to things it told them effects the way it will respond to thing people tell it. As a result, well read the disclaimer These conversation logs are fine though, and in my...
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    Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan I had previously misattributed this statement to unintentional /JohnSmuda hdrkid Posted: May 29 2004, 06:45 AM Phoenix Posted: Jun 5 2004, 06:24 PM john_smuda Posted: Jun 6 2004, 11:10 AM
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    Stupid Quotes

    Stupid Quotes Stupid Quotes from our public figures
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    Spreadsheet to think about time travel

    Spreadsheet to think about time travel The Spreadsheet Illustration of Temporal Anomalies
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    Political Compass

    Political Compass Anoah Posted: Jun 16 2004, 09:41 AM
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    The Disclosure Project

    The Disclosure Project
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    Peaceful Earth

    Peaceful Earth Spiritual Resources for Inner Peace and World Peace
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    Funny Newspaper Headlines.

    Funny Newspaper Headlines. Funny newspaper headlines (collected by journalists) - Something Went Wrong In Jet Crash, Expert Says - Police Begin Campaign To Run Down Jaywalkers - Saftey Experts Say School Bus Passengers Should Be Belted - Drunk Gets...
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    I Am Leaving

    I Am Leaving bb boris Posted: Jun 18 2004, 12:14 AM
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    Entropy, from Grayson

    Entropy, from Grayson
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    Dumb warnings on tools

    Dumb warnings on tools Unknown Wheelbarrow Do not use when temperature exceeds 140 Farenheit. Craftsman Push Mower Warning: Do not attempt to remove blade while lawnmower is running or plugged into an outlet. Jonsreds Chainsaw...
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    Dumb Signs

    Dumb Signs Boyne Falls, Michigan, U.S. 131 Do not pass while opposing traffic present. Rim Drive, Durango, CO Warning: Do Not Hit This Sign Various Parts of Jamaica In Jamaica, they call Speed Bumps "Sleeping Policemen", so in...
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    Fiction Before the beginning there was no differentiation. Then independence shattered time into being. One created Seven, Five, and Three as distinctions of who One, the founding father, was not. Seven was bisexual and mischievous. He teased his brother Five and mocked him. Five was gentle...