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  1. Awakening

    Groundshaking Evidence of Real Paranormal Activity

    Dear community, First of all, I would like to say I am very happy to be back. Its been a while since my last connection due to some personal affairs I've been working on lately. While browsing through the internet several months ago, I found what I believe is one of the most convincing...
  2. Awakening

    Time travel concepts II & III: Destiny and Temporal Divergence

    Please, refer to the prior thread if you have not read it yet: Time travel concepts I: Causality Destiny No event -- from the collision of planets to a subatomic event at the quantum level -- is spontaneous. Nothing is random. Every event in the Universe was caused by something, and every...
  3. Awakening

    Time travel concepts I: Causality

    Dear community: I will be writing several threads regarding time travel. Firstly, I must clarify that this information only applies effectively, and entirely, to time travel by physical means. That is, using devices or machines that allows you to literally travel to different time. At least...
  4. Awakening


    The next step for psi energy development after psi balls is kinesis. (Water, air, fire, temperature and so on). You just have to add an element to your psi ball (for starters). I used to train developing electrokinesis, and I was successful. Have you ever felt electricity pass through your...
  5. Awakening

    I have arrived.

    Greetings, members of this Great Forum. My name in this forum will be Awakening, as I would love to see more people opening their eyes to the truth of it all. All my life I have been seeking for answers to the mysteries of this world and beyond. I am an old soul in a young physical body...