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  1. Lumbergooz

    Schematics Sharing a video

    Hi .here sharing experiment video. After casting 6x 6 inch cone .will attempt to make double cone center tap Tesla coil . Also will wind a bifilar to create artificial vortex. And will make a mobius cone just for sake of experimenting. The rotating base is a modified cd changer with foot pedal...
  2. Lumbergooz

    The Chronocraft time machine

    Can anyone please share the Arklinski Pack ? I have seen @Opmmur posting some valuable papers, with link to a torrent site that has no seeds to download the entire pack. Please anyone share it. I did build the main directional tuned capacitor with quartz wand inside, but I need more info to...
  3. Lumbergooz

    Video of witness well

    here is a video of witness well making. glad to share details. This type is used in radionic machines, it is one coil connects in parallel thru the circuit input. coil will read something from what you put in the canister then system amplifies it, modulates it with ur injected intentions (or...
  4. Lumbergooz

    Nikola Tesla coil and time travel

    In his riddle of time articles, the great Steven Gibbs mentions Tesla coil as an effective instrument to enhance or energize the HDR. My questions to those who experimented with this coil, what is the potential of using a RODIN coil as primary in a a Tesla coil ? and what is the potential of...
  5. Lumbergooz

    Is God against time machine builders ??

    This person, One time, he was using superglue for the bifilar coil to make the rubbing plate. As he left the place for minutes, and came back, he found someone opened the superglue bottle, spilled all of it on the desk, closed it and put it back in place. There was no one else in the room & he...
  6. Lumbergooz

    Quartz charging in Time machines

    Quartz is a classic element in Radionic boxes, and was mentioned how to add it in Gibbs HDR. I saw one article saying that quartz to be more effective can be charged by exposing it to moonlight, or sunlight. Article says (let builders figure out the purpose of moonlight charging, vs sunlight...
  7. Lumbergooz

    Spiritual uses of HDR Steven Gibbs

    On my teleoconversation with Steven Gibbs this week he mentioned the healing uses of his infamous HDR, did anyone in this group use HDR for healing or spiritual uses. Does HDR leads to communication with Jinn or angles ? please share some information with us .
  8. Lumbergooz

    A useful hint to TTM builders

    Many of us saw the Steven Gibbs Time machine schematic. looking at the time coil it is a curled coil that is placed around ones head. What if we use a RODIN coil around the head ? This coil is the concept for accelerators and is said to have unusual time warping effects. I intend to give it a...
  9. Lumbergooz

    Self programming Time machine

    Again and again, Steven Gibbs stirs the mind with a different time machine concept. This one is a self programming type, what I understood from his thesis, is that it can respond to user intentions regarding time & place, and whether user wants to go back. I am posting schematic here to ask if...
  10. Lumbergooz

    The Dr.Keshe Free energy & Spaceship

    This guy named Dr. Keshe, who claims to have technology of free energy. But his demonstrations on the utube are so lengthy, & not to the point like he keeps hitting around the bush. He also named his website (Keshe spaceship) although nothing was released from him about a space travel...or is it...
  11. Lumbergooz

    Copper pyramid w TTravel

    Many TT builders try 2 connect pyramid w TT personal experience proved this concept is fruitful. My question to U guys is pyramid should face it compass north or geographic north? New York for example has geographic north 10 deg west from mag north ? So which north pyramid...
  12. Lumbergooz

    Proof that time travel exists

    Today I have seen this article, which hints that if a time traveller commits a crime, he cannot excape legal action despite the regualtions that cancels prosecution if crime was done in deep past. This proves that governments are admitting that TT exists & seriously considering to regulate it...
  13. Lumbergooz

    The Time Camera

    Hi Folks, the time camera that was being sold in the 60s. which the 3 page assembly catalog was posted on this forum. How come we never saw any photo of it by vintage collectors? I am trying to build one, but there is not enough information of the amplifier section shown in red in this jpg
  14. Lumbergooz

    New cure for cancer

    I received this by watsap. I didn't verify. just hope to help anyone. Blood Cancer...... Blood Cancer...... Blood Cancer...... Dear friends Medicine for Blood Cancer has been found !! Please don't delete this without forwarding. I am forwarding it to the maximum I can. Let it reach the 110...
  15. Lumbergooz

    Disappearing young man

    Bruno Borges, 25 was declared missing, leaving 14 coded books, as well as enigmatic texts drawn on the walls of his room in which he deals with matters such as aliens and extracorporeal experiences, returned home today without explanations. read the full report Regresa a casa brasileño que dejó...
  16. Lumbergooz

    Time Camera making

    I got the ARD time camera catalogue on this forum. I want to ask for more info on the amplifier coil which is conical shape..anyone please has info on cone size ? coil dia ? how many turns ? or impedance ? same question about stick plate ?? any tips please
  17. Lumbergooz

    Chronocraft time travel (sketch)

    ok guys i came across this file on the net showing parts of the Chronocraft. .here is sketch...i am trying to make the material for this sender..but i need details or signal generator as well as time setting info..can anyone plz share files on this topic..??
  18. Lumbergooz

    Media Bllod Cancer Cure Free

    Blood Cancer...... Blood Cancer...... Blood Cancer...... Blood Cancer...... Dear friends Medicine for Blood Cancer has been found !! Please don't delete this without forwarding. I am forwarding it to the maximum I can. Let it reach the 110 crores Indians and the remaining if any. 'Imitinef...
  19. Lumbergooz

    Debate Moses cane..the real magic wand

    Moses cane is a cane that when you want to go somewhere, you simply close your eyes, think of a place & time, knock the ground once and open ur eyes, and u are there... it can be made from trunk of a virgin almond cut the cane and carve certain talismans on it, in a specific...
  20. Lumbergooz

    Media United Airlines kicks passenger

    This is my caricature regarding United Airlines..hope you like it..