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  1. Tron1

    Sports future betting

    I've been noticing sports games are getting rigged because people are losing money then getting it back break even. Others are not so lucky. I've seen stuff developed in the future. Betting was legalized. It was popular so they legalized it. XFL NFL and CFL made spots in the stadium to bet. NBA...
  2. Tron1

    Light resistance after using HDR proof

    So I used the HDR once again 4 minutes everything yada yada. I decided to take pics at the dealership I waited 40 minutes to an hour in a chair just relaxing watching everything. If you zoom in on the bright light you cannot see beyond that light. It's blinding. Might I add it was kinda raining...
  3. Tron1

    Re Sun Flare to wipeout Coronavirus

    So I was talking to Steve my good friend that he was talking to me about building a time portal. I may build one in the Summer. Then he was saying there's a chance that a solar flare can wipe out the corona virus. We didn't go into detail. Other subjects were mentioned. I am banned from the...
  4. Tron1

    Robert E Lee

    So I can't find anything on Robert E Lee's death I think im on a line where he is presumed dead by natural causes not Assasination? Was wondering if anyone can remember the timeline where he was?
  5. Tron1

    Ok so i just had a ghostly encounter on xbox

    So I just had a ghostly encounter on my XBOX headset. I was in a halo 5 group with 2 of my good friends I know both of them well. I was in the middle of an overkill. I heard tron did you forget me? Tron is my name on my tag on halo 5. Then something else happened. I am not contradicting myself...
  6. Tron1

    Re: Anyone have side affects with the HDR?

    I have had usually dizziness, bad vision. Rotten bladder. And yes the legendary black outs it has in its features.
  7. Tron1

    Re: Lary Glen Anderson
  8. Tron1

    Sonic Boom leads to counterpart follow

    Well, I've told you all im one of the rare people that can time travel with the HDR Unit. The last 2 weeks have proven that I have. Doc 05 told me to leave a note call me to my counterparts. One happens to be following me as I speak but no where near me. I got this instinct that he wants...
  9. Tron1

    Re: smell of the beginning

    So yesterday all day from September 17,2018 and now Yesterday September 5th,2020 the fresh smell of my first use came back to me. It drove me nuts. Composite Leather and burnt diodes the smell was worse than a fart. Im going on 2 and a half years on using my HDR unit. I have not been home in...
  10. Tron1

    Sports betting with HDR Unit

    Has any HDR user had success with sports betting after they come back after a jump? I've been having alot lately. I had one visit from the so called min to tell me to stop betting . I kid you not. I even got a job offer in the American Hockey League for knowing every line change for my niece's...
  11. Tron1

    Jake and the pyramid

  12. Tron1

    Re: Im the real deal

    I know everyone's going like Tron must be a kid. Actually I am quite old. I just got the good feeling something good is about to happen. I'm 39 counting Mars trip and Lincoln failed trip. That event is meant to be. There is no oh yeah I'll prove it. It's not possible to change it. Mars, I was...
  13. Tron1

    Re: okay something is happening

    So I keep my hdr in my father's van. It's been hot up here last few days I don't think screws like this can melt and break a line inside the HDR no continuity in 2 places I checked. Five minutes before I had it running perfectly. The screws were already like that. I haven't used it in 2 weeks...
  14. Tron1

    Corona Virus

    I think Corona Virus is here to serve its purpose. Then it will leave. Not many under 1 million will die but I got tested negative when I went to my doctors for my heart pacemaker. By what I mean as serving its purpose is to either bring people back together. Take time out to reflect. Or work...
  15. Tron1

    Jake the one eyed reptilian

    Caught this guy snooping around my house but he's a good guy funny one too.Heard a noise last Friday let him through.
  16. Tron1

    If you can find this property

    You must visit me in person for me to help you and guess where I am.
  17. Tron1

    Re notes of a time traveler part 1

    Noticed gas station changed names September 9th 2018 September 26th Found out I had a kid Nathan Red Full moon Jumped to 2050 went to Missouri saw that the XFL had a Championship game ST Louis Battle Hawks won. Came back to the present n didn't stay long. Left HDR on a long time. Within an...
  18. Tron1

    New Paranormalis

    Hey all. It's someone you all know dearly. My old account got locked out from the discord but I won't get into it. I have an idea maybe we can re vamp up Paranormalis. Same concept. But adding safety tools. Chat rooms in every category. If someone wants to talk. Or 2 people engage in a deep...
  19. Tron1

    So trouble allures

    There seems to be alot of trouble and confusion with this covid 19. But did any time traveler know about this at all
  20. Tron1

    A message for all people

    I talked to Steve Gibbs last night we were talking about covid 19 and the future. He this isn't what he saw in the interview he answered a question with Mike Arklinski. In the mid 90s. He said ww3 is soon on its way. He has advised all HDR users to turn on the HDR and bless the house for...