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  1. AAM

    where are you spiritual ppl?

    I wish to meet more ppl who are into psychic abilities and spirituality. Make yourselves known :D (((hugs)))
  2. AAM

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  3. AAM

    Energy Exercises

    Hi guys Does anyone know of any good energy exercises for beginners besides the chi balls? I do have some experience channeling energy (reiki) etc. Im looking to develop my abilities further. Thx for reading
  4. AAM

    Inspirational Music

    Hi guys i wanted to start a thread for music that helps me connect to my HS (higher self). Feel free to post your favorites as well :D Tbh i am kinda picky so once i do find something that moves me i save it and reshare with others. I'd love if you guys would join in. Thank you ^.^
  5. AAM


    I'd like to share one of my fav spiritual teachers Bashar. Bashar is a extraterrestrial being few hundred yrs in our future. The man who channels him is Darrel Anka. I hope you guys find this interesting. :)
  6. AAM


    Hi guys im so excited to be here :D