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    I am going to conduct a secret Astral Travel experiment

    Gonna be on vacation in Nevada for a few months so you won't hear from me for a while, I'll be testing out my experiments too. Laterz everyone.
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    secret in matrix

    Just some of my Fawlty Towers fanfiction, it can be reviewed on the site at the bottom of each page
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    secret in matrix

    So did I. You might like my Fawlty Towers fanfiction! Anything by TheCrazyPerson44 is me:
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    Welcome All, from 2026

    Art Bell used to have a Time Travelers call-line this is like a forum version of that. It's cool.
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    Could asteroid be let to hit 2029?

    Here's one what if you had the choice of staying on earth and dying from the asteroid impact or living underground OR going up on a UFO that offered to save humanity. You have no way of knowing if the aliens are really benevolant. What would you choose to do? might make an interesting poll topic.
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    Can anyone tell me this language

    the owl one even has similar text on it if you zoom in and click
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    Can anyone tell me this language

    Looks like one of those stone slabs in the Legend of Zelda games. Think I'm joking? No it really does:
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    The following is from PhotonOrgone: When you start to cut pieces of wire to particular length referred to as Cubit length, the wire will act or resonate as transformer to unique cosmic energies and then draw this energy to the wire. There are numerous different Cubit lengths utilized by modern...
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    Scalar Antenna

    I clicked this link that someone directed him to: Free professional tone generator When I clicked it I got the image of a goat and a piano and it took me to a very weird site called
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    I am going to conduct a secret Astral Travel experiment

    no this will be a combination of things. will be gone for a bit.
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    AURORA-This Plane Should NOT Exist!!

    Funny how the government acknowledges a good but grainy video of "pyramids" (Pyramid UFOS) but won't acknowledge this shit.
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    For even more information:
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    I had a book by Clifford Stone that had SOME of this stuff but not this MASSIVE dump.
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    Scalar Antenna

    Can't believe someone directed this guy to a screaming goat piano. THIS is more what he wanted I think:
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    THE ROSWELL ROCK. Thoughts?

    There were tests done on this thing. I remember Roger Leir on a program on Amazon Prime talked about it. It was determined to come from space and indeed was found near Roswell.
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    Dr. Jerry Tennant: Healing is Voltage

    Truer words were never spoken.
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    Strange discovery