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  1. cyclespiral

    My Paranormal Menu

    Take 10 channels on any platform. Rate them from best to worst. That's a paranormal menu! In my case I will use just YouTube channels. 10 = best. 0 = worst. 1. Cash Peters. 10/10 What a unique approach! Doing sketches on people, trees and crossing over! Funny. Entertaining. Great positive...
  2. cyclespiral

    Visited by a Dead Man. What should I do?

    I would find consciously trying to talk to him to be a bit problematic for my personal ethics. I don't believe in talking to the dead. If the dead want to visit me then it happens of their choosing as in this case. But seances and most medium-ship are not part of what I do or believe in.
  3. cyclespiral

    Lambda Covid - 19 Variant could be vaccine resistant

    The Delta variant is more contagious than strains before it because Delta creates a higher viral load. Delta is also a sterilizing virus - in plain English that means that someone who is vaccinated can still pass on covid to others. Prior strains did not pass it on like that.
  4. cyclespiral

    Possibily met starlite

    Yes, to quote a psychologist, a con artist is an excellent psychologist.
  5. cyclespiral

    BIZZARE! Before anyone jumps on me I am not saying I believe a word of this but the CDC apparently says Covid was never isolated

    Well, I do not believe in covid 19 conspiracies. But if you made me believe in one, my Occam's razor choice would be that drug companies have made a lot of money out of this. Add in booster shots and it is a licence to print money.
  6. cyclespiral

    Any ways to scientifically prove the occult?

    The most notable attempt to prove an aspect of the occult - astrology -was the work of the French psychologist Michel Gauquelin. He wrote a boatload of books with birth date data/astrology data that he attempted to connect to professions. Yes...
  7. cyclespiral

    I already feel that my posts would be laughed at

    FWIW I regard something like Tarot to be the exception where a statistical approach is possible. Most other types of occult are not enable to being proved scientifically; the occult by nature is subjective and involves experiences that are hard to replicate. That does not make the occult...
  8. cyclespiral

    I already feel that my posts would be laughed at

    Yes, removing the facepalm would make me feel more comfortable. Thank you. I agree that I have to support claims. But I tend to be succinct. I am reluctant to provide information that people could obtain easily themselves.
  9. cyclespiral

    I already feel that my posts would be laughed at

    I have started off with the most anodyne posts; there are things that I could post that would be far more contentious. Yet I don't see the point. Someone asked for scientific proof of the occult. I gave a valid answer; the ANU [Australian National University] DOES have a paper where...
  10. cyclespiral

    Forum Game The Word Association

  11. cyclespiral

    Forum Game The Random Thread

    I am a quadratic equation and I fear that my polynomials are about to end.
  12. cyclespiral

    Psychicism that you dismissed

    Here's another example. My dad is the most careful driver in the world. He drives a manual car. He learnt on one. He's never had an accident. One time I was a passenger in his car. Suddenly a car with a trailer pulls out and just misses T-boning us. This was well before air bags existed; we...
  13. cyclespiral

    Any ways to scientifically prove the occult?

    Well yes, there are. There have been tests of tarot cards using statistical psychology. One study of tarot in this way was done at the ANU, Australian National University, The abstract can be got. I don't know how to get the actual paper unless someone is a registered psychologist; then tools...
  14. cyclespiral

    Psychicism that you dismissed

    This one is for the people on these forums who think that human judgement can't be used. Once I was alone in a park. Everything felt creepy. I left. I found out the next day that ten minutes after I left someone had jumped the fence, broken into buildings and stolen stuff. Was I psychic? No...
  15. cyclespiral

    I’d like to arrange a meet

    Am I allowed to make jokes about the man from Taured? Wait. I just did.
  16. cyclespiral

    Hello from a Mysterious Southern Land

    I am trying to make interesting threads. I am starting off with my least controversial threads.
  17. cyclespiral

    BIZZARE! Before anyone jumps on me I am not saying I believe a word of this but the CDC apparently says Covid was never isolated

    OK, at the risk of insulting anyone's intelligence the uncontroversial TLDR of what Covid is. In other words if you were a medicine student and had a lecture on covid: Covid 19 is a vascular disease. It stops the ability to control blood pressure. It is not primarily a respiratory disease as...
  18. cyclespiral

    Rate the 21st Century out of 10

    Zero is the worst. Ten is the best. I would have to give the 21st century so far a 3. Politics has gone crazy. Then there's covid.
  19. cyclespiral

    The God Gene

    Um, sexual orientation can have societal influences? Or some chemical correlations such as more testosterone in the womb? To try to simplify it to a gay gene is pretty silly surely. There is so much that I could say here. For a start ideas of psychic "ability" are complex. There are different...
  20. cyclespiral

    The God Gene

    My view of such reductionist materialism is going to appear often in these threads! It is another ad hoc ludicrous idea. I put it in the same category as the "psychic RH negative blood" or the "gay gene". Genetics is so complex that there's no way that you could link a gene to paranormal or...