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  1. RHYS

    UFO Personal Testimony

    DATE: August 1995 TIME: 2am PLACE: Missouri EVENT: UFO sighting # OF KNOWN WITNESSES: 2 DETAILS: Rural, small, isolated residential area. My dog got loose. After chasing him on foot, I returned home to grab my wife & proceeded the chase in my conversion van. He loved to run directly...
  2. RHYS

    Share Your Art

    I'm sure there are many other creative types here. I think everyone is an artist who enjoys doing it. Any mediums, skill levels, subjects welcome! Even include works in progress or forgotten projects. Just plz no negative comments abt anybody's work or style. I've included some of my own...
  3. RHYS

    Any MUFON members out there?

    If so, what are your local meetings like? I'm thinking abt dropping by one next month.
  4. RHYS

    TT: Past or Future?

    I've noticed a majority of ppl seem to be most curious abt the future, as opposed to the past. Many express interest in returning to a time in their modern life to have a chance to "change" something. For me, the arrow of time (going forward) feels like it's dragging me further away from where...
  5. RHYS

    Anyone Remember Being Born?

    Just curious. What is your 1st memory? I definitely remember going to Disney land when I was 2 and being jealous stuck in a stroller. The only thing I could get on was a pirate boat & I loved it bc some guy was hanging his bare feet over the entrance telling everybody his feet stunk lol...
  6. RHYS

    Edukated Hillbilly yeehaw

    Howdy! I've been reading these boards awhile. More than anything, I've been a lifelong self-researcher of paranormal, ufos, time travel, conspiracies and the unexplained. I'm a Gulf War vet (USAF) and grew up around the restoration of warbirds. I've had many strange experiences that...