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  1. Classicalfan626

    Types of UFOs

    Since there are likely numerous different species of ETs visiting planet Earth, I'd assume there are also numerous types/shapes of UFOs (AKA flying saucers), each type being characteristic of a specific ET species. Right now, I'm aware of two basic types of UFOs: the iconic disc-shaped ones, and...
  2. Classicalfan626

    UFO Calling

    A while ago, a fellow member here on Paranormalis suggested a technique, through private conversation, for getting UFOs to come close to where you are. It's called UFO calling, and I'm not 100% sure how it works. But from what I've heard, you go outside, sit down, close your eyes, and for at...
  3. Classicalfan626

    SRV (Scientific Remote Viewing)

    Since I feel that my previous threads related to ET contact have run their course, I thought I'd start a completely new thread. Many times I have come across something called SRV, an abbreviation for Scientific Remote Viewing. I recently saw a segment of an Ancient Aliens series that focused on...
  4. Classicalfan626

    Coming in contact with Dr. Steven Greer

    As a lot of you guys are already aware, I'm seeking contact with ETs for the purpose of doing something related to time travel. And as I recall, Dr. Steven Greer is the right person to talk to regarding ET contact. I remember him suggesting some sort of deep meditation for that, and I've tried...
  5. Classicalfan626

    Alternative method for contact

    I have been pondering over whether or not it's worth it to set my CB antenna up on the roof, because I'm on the fence on if my CB radio will work properly given I live in a very mountainous area. It may not be worth it no matter how high I get my antenna to be, and it may not be worth the money...
  6. Classicalfan626

    What happened to TnWatchdog?

    I remember hearing about the Paranormalis member TnWatchdog passing away several months ago, and I miss him a lot. He was a great out-of-the-box thinker and a true American patriot. I was just curious, does anyone here know what the circumstances of his death were? Was he ill or something?
  7. Classicalfan626

    Cobra CB radio for contact

    A friend of mine on this great forum site, @TimeFlipper, suggested I get a CB radio to use to contact aliens/UFOs. There are a lot of CB radios from Cobra up for sale on eBay, and many of them come with a microphone and a power cord. However, there's only one thing I'm unsure of: since I'm...
  8. Classicalfan626

    Best way to contact aliens through music?

    I've been enthusiastic about coming in contact with aliens for quite some time. My dad and I have recently been discussing whether or not playing CDs (of classical music, Gregorian chants, and meditation music) from the CD player in our car would be enough to channel the presence of flying...
  9. Classicalfan626

    Changing History & Timelines

    This is the first thread I've made for quite a while. I've been hearing a lot of discussion on this site about creating new timelines with each supposed change in history that one makes, and I've been mulling over the idea quite a bit today. Having said that, I was wondering: If you create a...
  10. Classicalfan626

    Locating People In Touch With Aliens

    As many of you are probably already aware, I am very interested in tracking down aliens and/or UFOs. Obviously, I'm after good alien races who are seeking the betterment of their race, of other generally benevolent races like us, and of the universe as a whole. As well as looking for aliens...
  11. Classicalfan626

    Favorite Classical Works

    This thread is dedicated to Paranormalis members' favorite works in the Classical genre. Being a big fan of classical music for obvious reasons, I have lots of favorite pieces of Classical music, too many that I don't have a single favorite. But here's one of them:
  12. Classicalfan626

    The Four Seasons (band): Reinvented

    The Paranormalis thread, link: Beatles never broke up, reminded me of a change I want to make in history. You see, there's another band out there of which if the chemistry of their style were a bit different, and the lineup remained unchanged through the years, they'd be better than The Beatles...
  13. Classicalfan626

    No. 1 Pop Singles Exceeding 3 Minutes As Early As 1958

    I recently saw a posting made by @TimeFlipper about an interesting fact about "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals being the first no. 1 pop hit to exceed a duration of 3 minutes. That song was released in 1964. However, this stuff in history is about to change with Elvis Presley recording a...
  14. Classicalfan626

    Options To Take For Contacting Aliens

    As many of you on this site are well aware, I am keenly interested in contacting aliens (good ones) for the purpose of time traveling to change history in order to advance the human race for the better. I plan on making contact at a place on Earth that's convenient for aliens to travel to, such...
  15. Classicalfan626

    George W. Bush beat Al Gore handily in the 2000 presidential election

    A lot of you may recall the too-close-to-call 2000 presidential election, in which Al Gore won the popular vote, but lost the electoral vote to George W. Bush. Well, after I change history, the 2000 election won't be such a big deal at all, either during the time or historically. In my rough...
  16. Classicalfan626

    Practicing Meditation

    I watched The Secret, one of my favorite movies, again on Thursday. Ever since then, I've found myself fired up to more seriously set myself on the path to fulfill my long-term dreams. I remember someone in the movie saying that one should close his/her eyes and visualize what he/she wants to...
  17. Classicalfan626

    Transcendental Meditation

    If any of you remember from my previous postings, I was considering taking yoga classes. Well, I looked some more into what yoga entails, and I have decided that it's not a good fit for me. So I was thinking of a simpler alternative: transcendental meditation. Up to now, I have been very vague...
  18. Classicalfan626

    Question on "Ignore" Feature

    I've been wondering, is there a good reason behind the "Ignore" feature on this site? I'm a little confused, because I think violations of rules such as insults, other kinds of harassment, and being blatantly rude should not warrant a mass number of people ignoring the offender. Rather, it...
  19. Classicalfan626

    Forum errors

    I sometimes get this kind of error message when a Paranormalis page (as a thread) loads. Have any of you guys encountered this problem as well? And is there a way it can be fixed?
  20. Classicalfan626

    HDR Question

    I'm not sure if this question belongs in this forum, but this thread should be moved if it's not appropriate here. Is it illegal to own an HDR? I believe I've asked this question twice in another thread, and have gotten no response to date.