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    Open a physics book around hte page where it talks about a certain Newton, then turn one or more page and you will find something called equation, strange symbols divided by the equality symbol , this one ' = ' , this means that one side equals the other side, look for gravitational force ...
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    Free Energy Generator

    I have seen another version using alluminium as shunts
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    Debate: Is this photo of a Grey Alien real or a hoax?

    Becasue it isn't now that i have recalled the image i can say its a doctor who 60s episode as pointed by Oak,
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    Human/Pig Hybrid

    Congenital birth defects, my syster studied veterinary and there is an entire book full of these 'hybrids'
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    Debate: Is this photo of a Grey Alien real or a hoax?

    I think I saw it in a movie , cannot remember which one though
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    No i have only this internet , do not sell anything

    No i have only this internet , do not sell anything
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    strange... i tried to connect as well ,and look like the site has gone !!!!

    strange... i tried to connect as well ,and look like the site has gone !!!!
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    Electric cars?

    I have two degrees one in engineering and one in physics
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    Electric cars?

    I have two rather simple solution for generating electricity , i have discussed with my collegues, but no one seems to be interested into replicationg, one is rather simple, using a tesla coil, ort the other an hole must be esxacavetd in the gorund, using the differential in temperature like a...
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    Paranormalis ends in a year?

    Do not underestimate the power of diarrea
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    Inside the sun

    In fact pencils are a mistery to me
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    Inside the sun

    We are talking million of kg of mass, due to the very same earth's gravity your reasoing doesn't sound, both we do not know what casues the tidal waves ( which is a theory ) or we do not know somethign about water.
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    Anti gravity device shematics Alexey CHEKURKOV

    Could it be that ultrasonics influences the device with some for of vibration ? or it vibrates air moleculas in the surroundings ?
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    Inside the sun

    Why my pencils are still on the table as everything else on the surface of earth ? objects should be swept out at incredbile speed
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    Inside the sun

    If the moon can displace large quantities of water with its gravity , why doesn't it affect my pencil on my table ?
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    Anti gravity device shematics Alexey CHEKURKOV

    What I have understood so far, he uses cross fields, electric and magnetic, the metal is duralluminium, used in aviation, the bumps, in my opinion acts as an electron trap, where electron concetrate and form swirling eddy current, I do not still understand the uses of ultrasonics, when someting...
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    John Bajak Flux Capacitor

    I have probalems accepting Heaven and Hell conceptas, as well as God assumption. In my opinion God is the Universe, the Univers had a basic intelligence, in the sense it balances the potential energy, it doesn't have sympathy for anyone. So why can't I time travel becasue I do not belive in...
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    Cure for cancer

    Thanks , I hope noone ever will suffer from cancer anytime soon, and if you have the cure, as you claim, I'd try to put it out there as soon as possibile, if you don't want to share here, then find another way, people try everything to cure themselves even absurd things like chanting and...
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    Cure for cancer

    I have lost my mother to cancer, it was horrible, she had been fighting for 17 years and eventually after a lot of setbacks, it always returned in a more aggressive way until eventually it destroyed her body , it was terrible I really hope my death won't be that excruciating. So if I were you...