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  1. Num7

    Right now, we're closer to 2036 than we are to 2001

    Just had this idea cross my mind the other day. It's astonishing to me. John Titor posted on the Internet in 2001. That's 20 years ago. He came from 2036. That's in 15 years. We're more than halfway through to his ogininal time period. That's somehow weird to me. It feels odd to think it's...
  2. Num7

    Hello Everyone!

    Wow, you have an impressive number of devices!! Nice! Hope you'll tell us about all of them, what you do with them, and everything! Looking forward to hearing more! I own a 2012 HDR too! :) Welcome to the site!!
  3. Num7


    Hey, welcome to the site! :)
  4. Num7

    Was this map made by a Time Traveler ?

    I think this is about trying to make sense of things and coincidences, an attempt to find answers to questions, such as How and Why? What if it's a clue, guiding you on your journey? I like to think that's something my higher self would do. Sometimes we overthink it, so that's a possibility...
  5. Num7

    ‘Time Traveler’ Announces a Big Event Will Occur in the Atlantic on October 7, 2021

    A great way to get some attention. That is, until your prediction doesn't happen. Then you become one of those wannabees.
  6. Num7

    Why The Rock is Sean Connery's final James Bond movie

    This one is for you @OakFieldAlienz444
  7. Num7

    Schematics John Bajak Flux Capacitor

    I have no idea! I tried to build a FluxCap once but never finished it, as I didn't have all the right parts. Maybe @Einstein can tell you more about Scalar Fields.
  8. Num7

    Just bought Soylent

    Okay, I had Soylent for breakfast this morning. It's chocolate flavor. It tastes good! I expected it to taste like paint or like a nasty protein shake, but it's actually good. It smells and tastes very close to those small chocolate milk bottles for kids that have different flavors. It's not...
  9. Num7

    Ban of Gas Powered Lawn Mowers

    Are they coming up with this because most people there already have electric cars?
  10. Num7

    Solar Storms Taking Down the Internet?

    That's scary, but true. It's probably just a matter of time before we get hit hard enough that we feel the effects. I think it's likely to happen in the next decade or so. Probably not a total blackout like we sometimes see or hear about in the movies. But something smaller that could take down...
  11. Num7

    Steven Gibbs Sonic Resonator

    Maybe @HDRKID, @Einstein or @DoctorZ can provide more details regarding this samarium bar magnet.
  12. Num7

    Just bought Soylent

    Okay, my Soylent arrived today! I plan to drink one tomorrow morning for breakfast. (y)
  13. Num7

    Steven Gibbs Sonic Resonator

    It's supposedly a crude HDR, from my understanding. Here's what we have: It's probably old and incomplete, but that's a start.
  14. Num7

    Looks like a good home here.

    Hey, welcome to the site! We're happy to have you here with us! Cydonia is a fascinating topic, I remember reading about it when I first discovered my interest for weird things.
  15. Num7

    Difficulty finding the forum...

    @QwertyMan tagging you, in case you didn't see my reply. Let me know if you have examples, I'm interested to look into to. See ya!
  16. Num7

    Just bought Soylent

    I bet it would LOL, but what about just a little bit of it? Could it be good, if some of it was mixed into a recipe? Like how you add a pinch of cayenne pepper, to a gallon+ of spaghetti sauce and still taste it?
  17. Num7

    Difficulty finding the forum...

    Not that I know of. Last time I tested it seemed okay in general. Do you have an example you can share, of a search you did, that we should have ranked high? I'll check it out.
  18. Num7

    Just bought Soylent

    Lol I don't remember having issues with jalapeno, but I'm not used to consuming hot stuff. I like it a lot, but it hurts! The last super hot meal (super hot to me) I consumed was this summer. I tried the szechuan McChicken. It was good, but it was a little too hot for me. My mouth was burning...
  19. Num7

    Just bought Soylent

    A poop thread? You're assuming we'd be able to limit ourselves to one? lol I got an email saying I should get my box of Soylent on next Wednesday. I'm eager to try it.
  20. Num7

    Just bought Soylent

    I would, only if it gets out solid at the other end! People over there would manipulate those inter-dimensionnal "rocks" wondering where they are from!