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    NO more Paranormalis

    Hello administration, I want out of Paranormalis. As of 5/16/2021 please erase any information you have about Logical Mind in your records. Feel free to delete or leave my posts, it is up to you. Thank you. Logical Mind. I would have connected directly with you but could not find a way...
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    The Scientific Evidence. Is Planet Earth Hollow Or Solid?

    What evidence is there for a solid earth theory, and on the other hand what prove is available to support the postulation our planet is HOLLOW? Here is the available scientific evidence: Why does the compass refuse to work near the poles? Why do some northern birds in winter fly north...
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    Is The Moon A Natural Celestial Object Or An Artificial One?

    Apparently the "Mona Lisa" is a hoax perpetrated by a fiendish French artist who built a dummy with Indian features purportedly an ancient ET woman...
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    The Truth About Land Of The Free, Home Of The Brave

    IF America Falls, Where Will You Go? General Michael Thomas Flynn US Army Intelligence Where will you go to find another country that provides the opportunities and individual guarantees of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness outlined in our founding documents and guaranteed by a...
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    Will you be taking the Covid Vaccine?

    Absolutely No Way. Elon Musk is now talking about his plans of implanting people with chips in the brain. I had plans to buy a Tesla but I decided for a Toyota Prius Hybrid . Apparently Musk is one of "them". But I might be wrong regarding that.
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    Secrets And Mysteries Of Heaven - Non-Religious Approach

    What is heaven, are there more than one of them? So-called heaven is not actually and necessarily a place but a state of soul and mind, which is manifested physically and/or astrally as a harmonious "place" yet there are many levels of pleasant places which are nothing but the physical...
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    Why time travellers aren't talking here

    Titor phenomena is very controversial, some believe him, others don't yet the evidence points to the fact some of Titor's predictions actually are happening --like a possible Civil War in the US: a probable reality that does not have to happen, anyway. Seth through Jane Roberts, from 1964 to...
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    Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?

    Apparently you are given a few choices, yet the most difficult ones represent the opportunity to grow into a life that otherwise would have taken several boring lives to reach those higher levels, or even yet the complete liberation from the need of reincarnation.
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    The mystery of Deja Vu

    In some occasions in our dreams we experience a probable future of something bad that will take place, but it is possible to nullify a bad dream with positive images. If you have a nightmare and able to remember it while awake you can reverse, with visualizations and positive affirmations...
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    Amazing positive discourse against Tyranny

    Already well known, truthful and to the point, this lecture will open your eyes. Charlie Chaplin gave this talk in the 1940s so if you have not watched it yet please listen to it; and if you had, watch it again.
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    The mystery of Deja Vu

    What Is Deja Vu and where does it come from? The term originates from the French, meaning 'Already Seen” first used by Emile Boirac, a French psychic researcher. The phenomenon is a sudden feeling of familiarity, as many of you already know, while in a completely new place, or that...
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    Missing Plane From 1955 Landed After 37 Years..Here Is What Happened.

    This kind of instant travel has happened before. The purpose is to awaken regular people to an understanding of simultaneous time. The crew and passengers did not age since there is no years involved, flight 914, just teleported to the year 1992 from 1955 instantly in the permanent NOW and...
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    The Virus: An Opportunity And A Challenge

    The People are realizing they have been had and many are not taking it anymore. The medical system also known as "the medical mafia", a term made popular by a former medical doctor from Quebec, Guylaine Lanctot, who wrote a book with that title exposes the medical system for what it is...
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    Is The Moon A Natural Celestial Object Or An Artificial One?

    There is not much difference between that cheese thing you show on one hand and the fake Hollywood style fabrication of 1969. Since I like cheese I rather believe the cheesy one. There are millions who absolutely believe everything they are told: governments, medical doctors, politicians...
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    The Truth Beyond Reincarnation

    You seem to be an expert on the subject and I think we all can learn from you regarding parallel lives, alternate realities. multidimensionality and so forth. I myself was thinking on the possibility of coming back at the beginning of the nineteen Century intending to help generate a...
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    The Truth About the Virus

    Thanks again for the detailed explanation, it is uplifting and refreshing to hear of the victories and not of the problems and defeats. It seems we understand the feeling beyond the words, the two ladies are compassionate and so for We the People. I am glad they are sincere with a total...
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    The Truth About the Virus

    Actually there is consensus that this hoax represents the end of global abuse since many people are aware there are dealing with big pharma, the medical mafia, evil politicians and professional liars who keep their employees under intimidation, to lie and kill the patients. By the way I have...
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    Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?

    If you have the opportunity read the book: it is an extremely interesting and informative page turner. Your Soul's Plan - The Life you Planned Before You Were Born by Robert Schwartz.
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    Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?

    Actually some moves like marry certain person, a job, business, a career; moving to another area which are actually not meant to happen, very seldom do. Yet in the long run we realize that destiny was right and it was a good thing the doors were closed at that time for us. Obviously there is a...
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    Debate Mysteries and Secrets of Sun-god Ra

    What ever happened at the Great Celestial event on December 21st? Who are TTPTB? The Powers that Be? By the way this crisis of a powerless virus, say the wise ones, is a great opportunity to grow, that instead of the defeat of liberty, the virus hoax is a challenge that will result in a...