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  1. J

    God's Exist.

    He still didn't appr. of me, so I pers. appr. of no idea, whatsoever that I can 'testify(!)' to being happy w. my undeserved knowledge that there are relatively many like Him, different morrons, who can get away w. contradicting me, please, any suggestions, anyone? Greetings, J.A.
  2. J

    J.A.'s Introduction

    I always thought that John Titor was just able to seem like a fake one, greetings, 'J.A.,' any further opinions? I like this place, it has a little 'somethingness.'
  3. J

    'Who on Earth is who, 'Max?''

    Whatever time travels ARE possible or not, Max, of course I can only tell you both, also V. that a great pleasure of mine is to start by finding out, how you will prove your time machine, greetings, 'J.A.,' note: I'm always open to any honest suggestions.