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  1. dexter1993

    Time machine - done

    0 gravity is - stopped time , my question to all the smart people to help , after reaching zero gravity , how can I control the machine forward or backwards in time ?
  2. dexter1993

    Time - frequency

    Why do we need frequency in building a time macine and other related stuff ?
  3. dexter1993

    Found the hidden power

    holy fk i think im a genious
  4. dexter1993

    dimensions and people

    i found sompting awsome , scientific breakthrough , had this dream , i was young and i was with my old girlfiend right , well then she kissed me on the cheek , then i was gonna kiss her , but then the me in the dream told my young self not to do it , build attraction , tension , teasing , well...
  5. dexter1993

    Gain psyhical abilities

    I have a few powers , elektrokinrsis , termolegulation , energy manipulation , I can take energy and give energy from people and objects , telekinesis , yeah that's all , who wants me to teach him , pm me I tell you how , some powers I can't proove but I have made a video , proof of...
  6. dexter1993

    hello , im in to , time travel , teleportation, immortality

    stuff about the unknown , aliens , old technology , alchemy .... that stuff is awsome :D but when i talk to my friends about this , they like have this dumb look on their faces and dont know what im talking about , so i just dont mention it any more , but here there is so much information to...