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  1. Orpheus Rex

    Guy Fauci Day - Nov 5th, 2021 - Burn Fauci's Effigy, Your Card, and Your Masks

    Guy Fauci Day - Nov 5th, 2021 - Burn Fauci's Effigy, Your Card, and Your Masks Celebrate by posting videos on all your social medias of the burning of a "(that) guy Fauci" effigy. Burn your masks with him. And if you're vaccinated, showcase the destruction of your vaccine card - to hell with...
  2. Orpheus Rex

    Media What Makes an Inverted Pentagram Satanic

  3. Orpheus Rex

    Thank you Admins & Mods

    This is the only website I'm a member of that hasn't gotten lame. This is a good environment. Everywhere else will censor or arbitrarily ban so quickly, but this place is both chill and respectful.
  4. Orpheus Rex


    How do you know that I'm not a mythical being? Prove it. As a thought experiment or something...
  5. Orpheus Rex

    Election Prediction: Worst Possible Scenario

    I hope this election is the farthest from the truth as possible, this is my vision of the worst possible election outcome. Trump will win the election by popular vote An investigation will be launched by DHS (Department of Homeland Security) or other government bodies. The investigation will...
  6. Orpheus Rex

    Decoding the Voynich Manuscript

    Stephen Bax, a linguistics professor at Bedfordshire University, believes he can solve the Voynich Manuscript. He is proceeding by comparing proper names in the manuscript with that of other languages and by comparing the Voynich to other manuscripts that have similar content. For example...
  7. Orpheus Rex

    His Machine

    His machine appears to work by creating an infinitely long Tippler cylinder contained by two artificial black holes. The cylinder would then be rotated at near light speeds in an indeterminable direction. Can anyone add more details?
  8. Orpheus Rex

    Video Games Predict the Future?

    What do ya'll think?
  9. Orpheus Rex

    Researching the Philidelpia Experiment

    The U.S.S. Eldridge landed in Norfolk Virginia. Across the River from Norfolk is the Newport News Shipyard, the largest shipwright facility on the east coast. I live 5 minutes away from both locations and I know people who worked their during the time. Any advice on how to research this? And...
  10. Orpheus Rex

    Debate Analyzing Aevi

    I think we should go ahead and figure out what he said and what is most important and his predictions... Importants: Goliath Events are targets. Negative Energy is essential. Causality doesn't necessitate the impossibility of pastward time travel. Shangri La was his goal. Utopia and Dystopia go...
  11. Orpheus Rex

    Parapsy Section?

    There isn't really a section for Parapsychology... It could fall under either science and technology or the psychic abilities section. Could there be another section for it? or a sub -section?
  12. Orpheus Rex

    Multidimensional travel, Magicks, and a Theory

    After reading through some posts today, something finally clicked in my mind. So I started looking through some of my books for verification and all that jazz. I finally have reached a new level of enlightenment! :D So, now I want to confirm my level up by sharing it with ya'll! Aleister Crowley...
  13. Orpheus Rex

    Photographing Voodoo

    My uncle goes to Haiti a lot for Humanitarian Aid, he actually leads a team every so often. The first time he went he took a disposable camera with him. He took a few pictures of Voodoo rituals that were performed nearby just because its nice to get some cultural photos. Well, when he got the...
  14. Orpheus Rex

    Parapsy Experiment

    We are starting our first experiment tomorrow and we welcome all of you and your friends to join us! If you would like to participate, this is all you have to do. Please read instructions carefully. They are relatively simple. At 7:30 PM each day, you meditate until 7:45 PM. Just attempt to...
  15. Orpheus Rex

    A Certain Dowsing Rod of Lore

    Tonight I am busy writing a paper on Aristotle's On The Soul for school and I remembered something. I recall my father (a geologist) telling me about a friend (probably was just an acquaintance) from the same class of his back in college who did his master's thesis on dowsing rods, which may...
  16. Orpheus Rex

    Pledge of Allegiance, What They Don't Want You to Know

    The Pledge of Allegiance continues to be widely accepted in America. Some people dislike it, but most of them just want it tweaked to leave out a part they don’t like. Almost everyone agrees to keep the pledge in schools, camps, and other areas where children might be. Unfortunately, few people...
  17. Orpheus Rex


    Hey, these are the resources I use for occult research, just thought I would share them. :: Main page Occult.Digital.Mobilization Digest Release Index Secret Teachings of All Ages Index Esoteric Magical E-Books Library Main Menu
  18. Orpheus Rex

    ESP Tester V.2

    Hey, I programmed an ESP Tester a few weeks ago. I designed it to be able to test precognition and retrocognition. I was wondering if ya'll know how I could improve it? What kinds of tests would you want seen in it?
  19. Orpheus Rex


    How is everyone? I'm glad to be finally joining the network!