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    Aetheric Energy Research Subreddit

    Hi, I am not actually trying to promote another forum, but rather I am trying to promote the content I have posted here: Basically the key to all this stuff, everything this forum is about is rooted in a...
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    Someone told me how to time travel

    For what it's worth, what they said was use a radionic device to tune into the energy of the time you want to go to and another to tune into the energy of the present time, then collect these energies and discharge them together over a grid point.
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    This image has healing potential

    This image is based on my research, it produces a tangible energy. I printed it up and tried it on a lady with a sore back and both her back and stomach were better from a few minutes of treatment even the next day.
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    I make images that disturb the aetheric vacuum, producing conditioned space that is the key to Antigravity and Free Energy

    Hi, I began researching claims of Free Energy and Antigravity and saw a correlation that indicated these devices were disturbing and producing a vortex or flow in space. After 17 years of research and experiments I made an unusual coil which produced an unusual emission from the tip that I...