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  1. steven chiverton

    Members experienced with pendulums?

    dont need a pendulum an aura meter would do i have one is said to be the best to use
  2. steven chiverton

    Chronovisor videos

    no haven't set up any experiments yet just tapped into the silver plating's on the mirrors these cheap bird cage mirrors didn't have the browny color paint on the back like normal mirrors do they had some white stuff which was easy to scrape away to expose the silver plating underneath which i...
  3. steven chiverton

    Chronovisor videos

    ive sucessfuly hacked some mirrors and can now pass my various frenquencies through the silver plateing on it
  4. steven chiverton

    2037 - Australasia

    like to hear some more did any seers see this event happening in the future if not then they've changed it through manipulation of time and events so it may not happen, and what time line is this supposed to happen in as to many are getting it wrong because they been to or saw the events they...
  5. steven chiverton

    Dodleston Messages

    hey tflofasho good luck there old friend like always a vortex seems to be the missing thing to get any reaction from the stm to really test it so your friend with his theories and numbers may not solve it without t a vortex to operate it over try a grid point especially where it crosses over
  6. steven chiverton

    Dodleston Messages

    i watched the whole video link and find it strange how someone from king henrys days can communicate with a pc that didn't exist then to someone in the future but then whoever it was may of been someone from the future incarnated in the body of a 16th century person and had abilities to...
  7. steven chiverton

    Dodleston Messages

    hey tflofasho any luck with your stm i sent you years ago did you fix the broken part since it arrived like that due to rough postage handling havent herd from you in a long time are you still in texas
  8. steven chiverton

    I make images that disturb the aetheric vacuum, producing conditioned space that is the key to Antigravity and Free Energy

    heres a contribution to the paranormalis , num 7 can put this in the right place if it dosent belong here
  9. steven chiverton

    Sperm used to make eco-friendly plastic

    years ago i herd they could make plastic from potatoe peels
  10. steven chiverton

    Sperm used to make eco-friendly plastic

    interesting reading i saw one about concrete also a greenhouse gas emitter to
  11. steven chiverton

    Time Machine Information from Opmmur's library

    the url is not found on this servor thats all i get when i click on it now it be better if you can convert it into a easy pdf file
  12. steven chiverton

    Time Machine Information from Opmmur's library

    the link above is dead to just get an error 404 only
  13. steven chiverton

    Best User of the Hyper-Dimensional Resonator Ever

    rick lapini isent he that man who went to heaven brought his wife back but only as far as the graveyard she was berried in and they had lotto in heven etc etc
  14. steven chiverton

    Schematics HDR Design Ideas and Experiments

    i dont have obsessive compulsive disorder just determination
  15. steven chiverton

    Steven Gibbs: 1997 Time Travel Catalog

    i tried opening it in a new tab and window and get the same error message the link is very week unreliable and faulty
  16. steven chiverton

    Steven Gibbs: 1997 Time Travel Catalog

    that link dosent work either just get an error message
  17. steven chiverton

    German Shepherd Meets His Puppies For The First Time.

    then in the kitchen its German Sheppard meets mammies germen Shepard pie
  18. steven chiverton

    3 6 9 Theory Of Nikola Tesla, The Universe Secret Code..

    hears the picture of the set up in my tesla 3,6,9 number based frequency generator experiment using my first frequency generator