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    What is happening to my friend?

    Some of you may remember a thread of mine where i said my friend became a flat earther. With the pass of the months she has turned it almost in her religión. Also has adopted a lot of new beliefs such as not believing vaccines and modern medicine, believing that the earth is 12000 years old...
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    Looking for Psychology forums

    Anyone can send me to a good place? I would like to learn more in that field, especifically manipulation of others. I'm not looking to do harm, it's just that recentley I've been thinking on how easily seems to some individuals or groups is to influence others and would like why. I feel that...
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    Recently I have been talking with a friend about this topic. She believes the earth is flat and the governments are conspiring to hide this fact from us. I don't believe any of this but i would like to know what would any government gain by doing that. Would like to see some actual evidence too.
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    I've found this site today It claims for time travel to be possible by using computers and checksums. Even has a linux program for that. But i haven't been able to try it because i run windows.
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    Debate Has anyone here actually seen paranormal stuff?

    Maybe ghosts, aliens, actual magic or time tavellers? Maybe god? Or maybe all of you are like me and just want to believe?
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    Supposed time travellers

    I've found this on the web. Are they real? People who time traveled with HDR by Steven Gibbs
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    I would know if someone had results with practical magick

    And how to do it myself.
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    Time machines (album) (1998)

    I've found this on wikipedia. It seems like some kind of music made to simulate drugs. Could it be useful for meditation? Here's the link to the article Time Machines - Wikipedia
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    I'm new here. I'm interested in time travelling, rewinding time, the astral realm and reality shifting. I'm not very active on forums but i'll try keeping up with yours from time to time. I can't wait to discover some weird stuff.