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  1. Snake Plissken

    Here it comes!.. Niburu

    Will we make it through the 23rd?!
  2. Snake Plissken


    Those of you that I have spoken to on here know that I have been on a personal quest to achieve a conscious exit Astral Projection. I have not achieved this yet despite probably 18 months of meditation, creating routines and concentration. However as an interesting side effect I have progressed...
  3. Snake Plissken

    Lady Time Traveler

    Saw this on twitter (so it must be true). Not heard this story before.
  4. Snake Plissken

    Art Bell - Single 7

    As most of you will know time travel is not my principle interest but due to being here my eyes have been opened and an interest stimulated. I was trawling through a few of the archive Art Bell interviews and came upon an interesting interview with Jonathon - Single 7. Yes he was a bit vague...
  5. Snake Plissken

    Imagine that you were a time traveller

    Imagine that you were a time traveller who travelled back to the dark ages, but got stuck there, doomed to live out your natural life lost in time. You want people living now to know that you survived your journey and that you made it back to the dark ages but that you could never return home...
  6. Snake Plissken

    Project Highwater

  7. Snake Plissken

    The Ars Notoria

  8. Snake Plissken

    NASA Director Speaks Out

  9. Snake Plissken

    UFO in Abersoch, Wales

    I just came back from a week away with my family touring around Snowdonia. When we got home we went through the photographs of our travels and found an interesting one taken in Abersoch, North Wales. It has been edited but only to take out our faces. I have left some houses, roofs, trees and...
  10. Snake Plissken

    The Impossible Boat of Bouvet Island

  11. Snake Plissken

    UK Votes OUT

    The U.K. Has voted to leave the EU. A victory for the ordinary person against big business. I hope that this Brings us closer to our friends across the Pond, gives us a system similar to one that you guys enjoy and drives a wedge between us and dangerous Eurocrats! It will be difficult and...