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  1. Art

    My idea for a new antenna delta T

    Belong my sacred cat's ancestor in the holy mountain, i release the deltaT antenna power 100000. Just make 2 object and dephase to 90 degree each objects with the sinus or peak 90degree dephased out of the 6kw free cold energy unit zero to somes mega hertz made with astable oscilator and...
  2. Art

    Debate Time travelers posting online: Are they all fake?

    We are members that share recent schematics. Lot of administrators have publish schematics too. The first rule to be respectfull in this forum if you claim that you are a time traveller is to give your time travel schematic machine. If not, it is the finale evidence that you are a liar, and do...
  3. Art

    Has anyone built the QR-7000 by Steven Gibbs?

    Nobody can stop you, do not forget to publish schematics of your news devices. Nobody have publish recent schematics, exept fews members. You are welcom
  4. Art

    Media YouTube videos about time travelers

    This video is made with blender 3d in three minutes by a student in art. I have made the same for a short cg film. The cgi is well done by extraposture of the pellicule, expecially in this colors ranges.
  5. Art

    Media Guardians of the Looking Glass

    IN EACH SIDE WE ARE ON THE MIRROR ? French trad : De quel côté du mirroir sommes nous ? Please reply without reply.
  6. Art

    How to fake time travel

    You can affine your search with : date must be less than 1643 in the search options.
  7. Art

    How to fake time travel

    Hello dear troll, somes of you fail to fake time travel. Here is the Ultimate guide for you 1 ) Fake photos evidences your fake time travel story will be more interresting with fake old photographies. Google is your friend. But Do not take first results, because if somehone do the same, you...
  8. Art

    Hello Fake Time Travellers, I'm here, and I'm real

    My 2 years son have made a time machine. Seems another troll story for me. And ormus jar...
  9. Art

    Blog My story about Aliens and God

    Since a long time, the Univers have give birth to his own Son. It was in 2000, i was 20 years old. In france, a big tempest have occured in 1999. It was the first Satanic test of the Devil. The result if a new erea of cathastrophic events. They was lot of light and ufo in the sky. The...
  10. Art

    My idea for a new antenna delta T

    1975: The team wasn't having luck overcoming the interference issues, so they went back to the original plans to figure out where they went wrong. The plans made by the Sirians. Who are the Sirians you ask? Just an alien race from the Sirius star system. Anyways they consulted the original...
  11. Art

    Any ways to scientifically prove the occult?

    Hum, be carefull of you.
  12. Art

    Final free energy encyclopedia for good peoples only

    It is cold energy, the battery can give you a thermic shock. In 1960 lot of inventors worked on cold fusion, but science have said " Stooop", we have to kill the earth with fossile fuel. So cold energy is not hot energy, machines runs with no hot dissipation. Light bright white instead of...
  13. Art

    Any ways to scientifically prove the occult?

    It is why radionic work a little bit. Psychic evolution is real, but deny, but maybe not in this forum ? The man have not the ability to be immunized to gun impact, like somes species, we have not a strong skin, like somes creatures we are not immunized to radiation too like somes insects. We...
  14. Art

    Schematics Delta Time Generator

    Triple pulse generator is using by john titor in triple sinusoïde. Strong magnetic field can be only done by free cold energy. That we have now all to make that with a simple coil and a generator zero to somes kilohertz. I have strong magnet around coil to freeze hot frictionnal electronic...
  15. Art

    Any ways to scientifically prove the occult?

    Occult can be everythink , the main definition of the occultism is that must be totally rejected by science. So free energy, space travel by magnetism , teleportation in others worlds, levitation, communication with spirits etc is occult. Science want a world that give reason to science. It is...
  16. Art

    HDR Help (Following the passing of Mr. Gibbs)

    Earth can send you 1 second in the futur with just 1/86400 rotation on his own axis...
  17. Art

    Disproving section

    But recharging a 3 v cell with 5v AND using a coil with a light, and changing when the cell is good and recharge the bad cell is a perpetual mouvement i have made for myself, witj more than one year perpetual lighting. Actually scientifics dosn't know that. More extraordinary is the shiverton...
  18. Art

    Schematics Delta Time Generator

    Clarify your idea please ?
  19. Art

    Algae Powered Computer

    Seriously : The vegatal reign is more complex than we think. He have a spiritual brain, that is show by kirilian photography. When somes peoples put cellular vegetable in an electric rizomme they produce an electric signal that can be interpretated like a new form of visioning others world...
  20. Art

    HDR Help (Following the passing of Mr. Gibbs)

    I have not mensionned you dear administrators because you are not members like others. Thank you, of course i have read every schematics, but no news schematic or new experience have been made this last 6 month ?. We need to continue researchs. Antinventor is right, how to know if a schematic is...