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  1. alpha centauri

    Critical race theory - Psyop against spirituality or to increase racism?

    I was bored and had nothing else to do, so I stumbled upon the Critical race theory (CRT) and I wondered if the theory was invented to increase racism or if it was invented to make spirituality ridiculous, I am not sure between the two. Some of the claims: ( source: Critical race theory -...
  2. alpha centauri

    Media Guardians of the Looking Glass

    There is a group that calls themselves the Guardians of the Looking Glass and they sound very interesting. They describe several events that have to be prevented or happen depending on the event to secure a positive timeline. If the group is deleted from youtube that means they were absolutely...
  3. alpha centauri

    Australia includes male team in female sport

    I always wonder, what ideas some people have. I am not saying, that equality is bad, just how some people do it is pretty bad and this type of inclusion is certainly not good in sports.
  4. alpha centauri

    What is your opinion on animal oracles?

    Some people remember the "psychic" octopus Paul that correctly predicted all games of the worldcup. Now there is a new psychic animal. This time an elephant that has correctly predicted three game in a row...
  5. alpha centauri

    Global mass meditation announcement

    As some of you already are aware of, there are regular global mass meditations happening. One of the last meditation, the meditation on the coronavirus, was a huge success according to the organisers. They usually are on astrologically important points. There is a new mass meditation and I...
  6. alpha centauri

    Timeline without Christianity

    I discovered a video about a supposedly timeline without Christianity. The story was received by Terrence McKenna during a mushroom trip. Quotes from the video: What are your opinions about it? How do you think the world would...
  7. alpha centauri

    Has Einstein had contact to extra-terrestrials?

    I found this on another discussion board: Translation: Has Einstein had his wisdom from extra-terrestrials? The German Albert Einstein (1879-1955) is counted as the most genius physicist of all time. He developed the world-famous theory of relativity. Now US-scientist doubt the wisdom of...
  8. alpha centauri

    Which group do you think suffers the most? Men/Women/Children/Animals?

    I stumbled upon a video of an astral traveler who visited the Taoist Hell. He could feel the sufferings of different groups. I dont want to know if you believe in the astral plane. Just who do you think suffers the most on average? And why? I believe him and agree with him on the order of the...
  9. alpha centauri

    Bilderberg 2019

    The Bilderberg meeting has been confirmed this year. It is far too late to form a good protest and go there. I wonder which persons they push this and the following years. For example Merkel and Macron were at these meeting before they had become leaders of their countries. A lot of Americans...
  10. alpha centauri

    Elf commissioner

    More and more people seem to accept the existence of the paranormal ;): Now they contact authorities for elves to explain some car accidents: Lower Saxony calls in ‘elf commissioner’ to tackle autobahn deaths...
  11. alpha centauri

    NASA develops a immortality and age-reversing pill

    If I remember correctly some of the folks here that travelled to the future saw that the humans lived forever. Here is an article that maybe this technology is soon revealed to the public. It was successful on trials on mice. Human trials of age-reversing pill to start in six months | Daily...
  12. alpha centauri

    36 super lodges that rule the world

    I know that there are a lot of conspiracy theories. But I think this could be true. High grade free mason and Grand Master Gioele Magaldi decribed in world’s most important book that went under the public radar, that 36 Super / Ur Lodges rule the world. They were discovered 2014. Magaldi spoke...