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  1. SergiusPaulus

    Quantum Topics?

    Hi I’m seeing regular articles online about the progress of quantum technology. Can we maybe get a topic heading of Quantum Related threads? They may currently be mixed in with other threads in various sections.
  2. SergiusPaulus

    Numerology Date

    June 6, 2022 was sixth month sixth day and 2 0 2 2 adds up to 6. So you have a recurring 6. That number is probably only significant in biblical texts. The last time 666 fell on a date was June 6 2013. On that day CNN broadcast the story of Edward Snowden. Nothing significant happened yesterday...
  3. SergiusPaulus

    Quantum communication.

    What is a propellant? It’s a substance that can propel something. What is the propellant of a substance that disappears in one place and appears else where, teleportation? Quantum teleportation is in various articles online. In some cases faster than light suggested. An article on quantum...
  4. SergiusPaulus

    Type of light?

    “Some other minerals, such as quartz, are triboluminescent, emitting light when rubbed together”? From wiki. Triboluminescence - Wikipedia I was reading about crystals and found this about quartz. Has anyone seen a quartz emit light? Do we have quartz light bulbs?
  5. SergiusPaulus

    A Library of media?

    Not sure what it would look like, but maybe have a forum section dedicated to Movies, Youtube videos, and Books. Not sure if it would be beneficial having them in one place or scattered among the various forums. In the forums mentioning a movie, video or book is embedded in a thread. But a...
  6. SergiusPaulus

    Can religion or metaphysics help answer questions?

    Does the Bible say anything about time travel? Sort of. 2 Kings 20:11 suggests time may have gone backwards to prove how powerful God is. ““And Hezekiah answered, It is a light thing for the shadow to go down ten degrees: nay, but let the shadow return backward ten degrees. And Isaiah the...
  7. SergiusPaulus


    They existed many years ago. Do they still exist? Does anyone here access them?
  8. SergiusPaulus

    Philadelphia and Montauk spin offs?

    Is there evidence of spin-off experiments based on their stories?
  9. SergiusPaulus

    Trap light?

    If you created a fiber optic cable or other container in the shape of a 9 or a 6 where light is introduced at the stem towards the oval would the element of light be Trapped in that oval for any length of time? Trap light. Save energy.
  10. SergiusPaulus

    Friction in an accelerator?

    Does friction exist inside the CERN accelerator or Fermi Lab accelerator? I’m thinking friction would keep an atom from traveling faster.
  11. SergiusPaulus

    Does past still exist? Does future already exist?

    In order for the John Titor story to work, the past and future has to exist. John is from our future. He came to his past, at the time was our present and John’s new present. There are theories on the past and future existing such as block universe. Maybe new theories will develop. Are there...
  12. SergiusPaulus

    Planck Time

    It’s the shortest unit of measured time from what I was reading. It’s 10^-43 of a second. So time is progressing at one Planck at a time. Does the present prove the future exists? We can assume a second from now will exist. And we know a second ago existed. Can physics prove the past exists...
  13. SergiusPaulus

    Geomagnetic Storm Watch today.

    Reminds me of the movie Knowing with Nicholas Cage. Possible disruptions.
  14. SergiusPaulus

    Tachyons, quantum entanglement, FTL transmitter

    Ok so time crystals are relatively new. They say it will make quantum computers more robust. Can 2 quantum computers transmit to each other? Tachyons are theoretical FTL particles. If we create a quantum computer with a transmitter and receiver and focus on the technology of communication and a...
  15. SergiusPaulus

    Wayback Machine

    Are you guys familiar with it? The url is It can display cached websites from past years. I inserted the John Titor website and it had a version of his site from many years ago. It’s neat to play with.
  16. SergiusPaulus

    Time Crystals Can these lead to a field of perpetual energy? In the article it references a pendulum that never stops.
  17. SergiusPaulus

    Zeshua's computer?

    Does Zeshua discuss the technology that allows her to send emails or texts or other electronic media across the timeline? I received personal email from her years ago and would like to hear from her again if possible. Does anyone know how to reach her. Does she respond to discussions here? If...
  18. SergiusPaulus

    Hey John did you...

    Create the internet newsgroups when you came back? There’s a lot of stuff there a time traveler would know and profit from before the Internet took off.
  19. SergiusPaulus

    In his hands?

    In the black and white is John holding a Camera? Maybe a Minolta? :) From the Mind of Minolta. Such a catchy slogan back in the day.
  20. SergiusPaulus

    Enochian Tables?

    I stumbled on them last year and it lit up like a Christmas tree when I saw it. Metaphorically. Historically Dee and his partner were approached a few hundred years ago. But are their earlier attempts that were not as successful? Thank you.