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  1. wanda

    Another ghost pic

    In a cemetery at 3 a.m.
  2. wanda

    Ufo pic

    Captured this in CT. We were driving thru and I was taking pics of the sky. Then this appeared and was gone again within one pic frame.
  3. wanda

    Ghost pic

    caught this ghost in a haunted house.
  4. wanda

    Keep smelling smoke!

    Only happens in my home. And not all the time. But out of the blue I smell THICK and STRONG cigarette smoke. Neither my husband nor myself smoke. And I don't allow it in my home due to asthma. So what the heck! It started a few years ago. Wasn't like it when I moved in. But it seems to...
  5. wanda


    I am seeing 11:11 everywhere everyday for months. Occasionally the numbers 333. Thoughts?
  6. wanda

    Personal experience

    So I'm a little confused. All my life I have been a supernatural Magnet. I had a troubled childhood. Father died at a young age. Mother remarried. Stepfather really wasn't interested in me. Sexually abused by an uncle. As long as I have Waking memories for, they aren't good. Just a lifetime of...
  7. wanda

    why are some more prone to hauntings than others

    Just curious on thoughts to the above question. All my life I have been a spirit magnet if you will. Every house I have ever lived in I have had hauntings/experiences. Not the same kind, so I am sure that I am not being followed by one spirit in particular. Some have been I was...
  8. wanda

    Any other weird stuff going on?

    anyone else experiencing a lot of weird things in their areas
  9. wanda

    Is everyone on here an "alien"?

    I posted awhile back just because of some very vivid memories of years of what I blv to be alien interaction. I am simply looking for people with similar experiences or those who have heard of such a thing. I don't know where to follow up or what to do to continue my search for answers. why...
  10. wanda

    Nordic aliens

    can people please give me feedback on what they kn0w about these aliens? someone just pointed out to me that it sounded like I had contact with them. the short of it is this: from the time I was in elementary to high school I had these "dreams" every single night. I dreamt that this...