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    A secret about electricity

    I have information that I want to disclose to this community. I discovered this information a while back and discovered my own vision of an apocalypse. I hope that this information will do the same for you readers. Here's what the information is: Electricity will not live forever; you may store...
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    I need help with the paranormal

    I have been undergoing demonic experiences for the last 5 years. I have experienced apparitions, electrical sensations, nightmares, voices, physical trauma, auditory hallucinations, third party breathing, and unidentifiable stench. I am afraid that this will go on for a very long time; ranging...
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    New and looking for like-minded people

    Hello, I am new here on this forum. I signed up immediately when I read that there are discussions about the paranormal here. I certainly have a lot of experiences to share. I hope to meet people who are like-minded and also have their own experiences to share.